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Bitcoin transfer fraud occurs frequently in Ohio, FBI also takes measures


Bitcoin money transfer fraud in Ohio

In Ohio, USA, there is an increasing number of wire frauds that send funds from Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs to criminals. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has also taken steps.

The Consumer Affairs Agency and the FBI in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio are calling on stores to install Bitcoin ATMs to join the Scam Squad to combat the fraud and have sent warning signs. ing.

It is installed near Bitcoin ATMs to warn potential victims.

An image introduced by a reporter from the local media Cleveland 19 shows a sign with the headline “Are you fooled?” Even if someone tells you that you need Bitcoin for IRS (Internal Revenue Service) related payments and utilities, you should be careful not to send money.

Transfer fraud method

According to Cleveland 19, there are many ways to do it.

In one case, a scammer impersonated the son of a couple and asked them to send $ 9,000 in Bitcoin. A person named his son’s lawyer also appeared on the phone, citing the reason that he was in a detention center and needed bail. In addition, there are some clever cases, such as raising the urgency that the prison will be closed for 60 days soon as a countermeasure against coronavirus.

When a couple who believed that the voice of the telephone was their son was trying to transfer Bitcoin, the owner of the ATM store noticed the fraud and got nothing. It is a method similar to the fraud that has been a problem in Japan for sending money from bank ATMs.

In other cases, the fraudster pretended to be a Social Security Administration person, claiming that the victim’s Social Security number was being used for drug trafficking, manerons and other illegal activities, and Bitcoin to resolve the situation. We are urging you to send money via ATM.

FBI calls attention

According to the Bitcoin ATM tracking website Coin ATM Radar, there are 212 Bitcoin ATMs in Cleveland, Ohio. However, the exact number of Bitcoin ATM crimes that have occurred so far is unknown.

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson-Gregg told crypto media The Block:

It’s really hard to keep track of the number of these types of scams. People are ashamed of being deceived and do not report the crime. The actual number of occurrences is considered to be much higher than it is known.

Once the money has been sent, it’s difficult to get the money back, “I want to disseminate information about this scam so that people don’t become victims,” ​​Anderson-Gregg continued.

“Education and prevention are the best tools to prevent victims of financial fraud,” said Assistant Special Agent Bryan P Smith.

Fraud can be done in any way. Before sending money in any form, including cryptocurrencies, it is essential to verify that it is true.


Author: A. Yamada
Reference: Cleveland19, The Block

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