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Bitcoin[BTC] sinks after crossing $13,000 but dominance rate climbs

For now, Bitcoin is priced at $11,442.10 according to the latest data. The price of BTC dropped at a rate of 11.57% in the course of the past 24-hours. The supply involves 17,811,012 BTC tokens in play.

The trading volume recorded is $32.316 billion. The total market cap is $203.795 billion. The market capitalization had reached $230 million a day ago. But then the sellers took over the market.

All the top altcoins are displaying signs of bearish pressure. EOS alone has scaled down by more than 20%.

Miners from China had the best results. “…a node in Beijing processed large blocks between 17–151 seconds without bloXroute and 3–7 seconds with. Block compression technology, such as Compact blocks, improved with the BDN…”

The Austrian Financial Market Authority has asked people to remain cautious of Bitcoin Trader, a scheme that promises huge benefits. The FMA stated, “Bitcoin Trader is not allowed to conduct banking transactions that require a license. As such, soliciting funds from other parties for the purpose of management is illegal…”

The ones heading this “initiative” allege that they are bitcoin whales who have vast sums of wealth. These kinds of scams keep springing up across the world. Authorities like to use such instances as excuses to build a case against cryptocurrencies, as the Indian Police and the Government are doing now.

Almost every week there is a story involving arrests of individuals part of a scam. On the other hand, the Indian media has never spoken about the achievements of the king coin. Within a decade, Bitcoin has become the greatest digital asset this world has ever seen.

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