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Bitmain launches Antminers S19 and S19 Pro, new most powerful bitcoin miners on the market


Announcement of Bitmain's new mining machine (Photo: Reproduction)

Bitmain announced on Thursday (27) its new generation of Antminers that, according to the company, will protect bitcoin miners in the future due to halving, scheduled for May this year.

Named S19 and S19 Pro, the new Antminers underwent an improvement in the circuit architecture. The redesign has considerably improved power and energy efficiency, said Bitmain, which is the largest bitcoin mining company in the world.

According to the announcement, the new S19 and S19 Pro have a hash capacity of 95 TH / s and 90 TH / s respectively.

"Both versions have an energy efficiency of 34.5 ±% 5 J / TH (terahashes per joule)," says the note. In the Pro version, he added, hash rates and energy efficiency are further improved.

According to the publication, while the Antminer S19 Pro has a hash rate of 110 TH / s, the other version carries a hash rate of 105 TH / s.

In terms of efficiency, the two devices deliver an energy efficiency of 29.5 ±% 5 J / TH, the company promised.

Bitmain prepared for Halving

“The new Antminers models deliver superior performance, allowing miners to optimize earnings. They were designed for long-term operation, ”wrote Bitmain.

The long term, therefore, could be crucial for miners after the Bitcoin Halving, scheduled to take place in the second week of May.

Soon, Bitmain also wasted no time promoting its new product and argued.

"As Bitcoin halving approaches, where the rewards will be cut in half, the Antminer 19 series will protect miners in the future."

However, both the value of the new equipment and the freight price have not yet been disclosed by the company.

Double mining

The new Antminer model is twice as powerful as the S17 model, which reaches 55 TH /. To extract 1 BTC per year it takes at least four S17s, Bitcoinist commented.

The site also highlighted developments in bitcoin mining activity with regard to equipment. “Only one S19 in 2013 would be enough”.

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