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BJP MPs say objection to Google translation in UPSC – steel plant is called steel plant


  • Harnath Singh Yadav said that the Google translation of English questions in UPSC is not understood by the scholars of Hindi
  • MP demand – UPSC original question papers should be prepared in Hindi, cessat should be abolished
  • According to them, because of CASAT, 2.7% of Hindi medium students passed in 2018, the first 20% were

new Delhi. BJP MP Haranath Singh Yadav on Thursday raised questions in the Rajya Sabha on the strange Hindi translation of English questions in UPSC examinations. Yadav said that the translation of English questions in the UPSC examinations is not understood by the Hindi scholars. Translation of steel plant is being planted steel.

According to Yadav, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the world in Hindi, the cena of 130 crore nationals becomes proudly widened. But in India and Hindi, only a handful of people have the right to vote. Yadav also demanded to abolish CASAT from UPSC.

Such Hindi can be understood only by UPSC officials: Yadav

He said that the original question paper should be prepared in Hindi. Due to the CASAT examinations Hindi medium students are now less pass in UPSC exams. The question paper contains incorrect translations of English because they are translations from Google. It is such a Hindi which even the scholars of Hindi do not understand. This Hindi UPSC official can understand.

Only 126 students out of 1222 students passed: MP

According to Yadav, due to CASAT, only 2.7 per cent students of Hindi medium have passed in 2018. Then 1222 students passed only 12 candidates of Hindi medium and only 27 candidates who passed the examination in other languages. While the first 20 percent of the students passed He said that the questions of these examinations should be prepared in Hindi originally so that the problems of incorrect translation can be overcome.


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