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Blockchain connecting AI and healthcare continues to partner with Ocean Protocol

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Ocean Protocol as a bridge between AI and healthcare On August 19, 2019, Ocean Protocol, which utilizes blockchain technology and provides distributed data exchange protocols for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Singapore-based healthcare company Connected Life has announced a partnership.

We will use blockchain technology to provide solutions to enhance patient symptom monitoring. Motion sensors in ConnectedLife’s IoT technology enable continuous monitoring of patient symptoms. Such as cancer and heart disease, chronic diseases and gradually onset treatment extends long-term, by the falloff of dopamine neurons in the brain, such as Parkinson’s disease of intractable diseases that cause motor disorders such as walking, in long-term treatment, it is not possible to see a doctor every day. Therefore, self-care on its own is important.

The patient needs to record the symptoms and administer the drug at the right time.
Data and AI Treatment In order to perform appropriate treatment, the data is sent to the neural network for machine learning. In order to reliably predict the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients, it is necessary to have one year’s worth of data. ConnectedLife’s solutions enable continuous and seamless monitoring of symptom fluctuations. Thus, since the doctor can set the treatment schedule appropriately, it is possible to suppress so as not to cause sudden changes in symptoms of Parkinson’s patients.

A large amount of data is needed for AI training to be an accurate solution that can be provided to more patients.
Data Volume and Quality Challenges

Large amounts of data are needed to make the AI solution more accurate and robust, but there are some challenges in accessing medical data. First, because medical data is so sensitive, it is reluctant for data providers such as patients, health professionals, hospitals, governments, health care companies, and insurance companies to share data. It is also difficult to obtain consent for sharing because the owner of the data is unclear.

In addition, medical data is distributed across many databases, it can be difficult to find specific medical data.
Scaling AI with Blockchain Technology In order to address these data challenges and make it more widely available, we need a way to establish trust among the data stakeholders.

The ocean protocol utilizing blockchain technology can advance the data economy. Identity-managed data can be established as an owner and by maintaining access control of data through smart contracts to strengthen trust in data sharing. In addition, the accurate traceability unique to blockchain technology enables tracking of the progress from data acquisition to use.

The Ocean Protocol is a sensitive data sharing solution because it protects the privacy of your data. To make a solution using AI more accurate, you need to load a lot of data and train the AI.

Ocean Protocol provides services that can be shared while maintaining the confidentiality of data. In order to combine medical data with negative images of data sharing for AI, which requires large amounts of data in order to be better intelligence, a protocol that combines blockchain technology and privacy technology is needed. The Ocean Protocol may be the forerunner of the data economy.

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