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Blood pressure is not a disease, balance can be done by controlling the veg diet in just three days.


  • Dr. Bidupan Roy Chaudhary, famous medical nutritionist, told BP to control formula
  • Avoid taking BP medicines for a long time, they can increase blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • If BP is below 160/100 then giving the drug is not the advantage;

DB Original Desk Dr. Biswat Rai Chowdhury, medical neutrhythologist, who discovers many popular beliefs by research on diabetes, says that blood pressure is not a disease, it is a symptom of negative change in the body. There are two formulas to control it. First, eat 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables in your daily diet. Second, stay away from salt and oil. Whenever it comes to choosing one from natural and fast food, ask yourself a question that God has created this thing or is it? If God is created then eat it comfortably, but if humans are created then eat it carefully. Why is blood pressure scared, do doctors or companies spread illusions, what is the correct value? Dainik Bhaskar App Team asked Dr. Bidupar Roy Chowdhury, a few questions arising in the mind. Know the answers to those questions and doubts-

Fear of BP: 11 Essential things

  1. Q1 – Why do not you treat BP as a disease like diabetes?

    This is the case with diabetes and BP is also a symptom, no disease. As soon as a patient sees the doctor, his BP begins to grow. As it comes out of the hospital, BP starts to become normal. In medical language it is called ‘white coat syndrome’. This syndrome has been seen in 80% of patients taking medicines. Such patients do not need so much medication. This way, BP only suddenly increases for a while. For example, if a sudden snake appears, then heart beat will increase, then BP will also increase. In such a situation, the brain sends us alerts to fight and escape the situation. Therefore, blood pressure is not a disease, it is like a medium to prepare us in the emergency.


  2. Q2 – Increasing BP is more dangerous or less?

    Both too much or low BP are dangerous. According to the new definition, if blood pressure is below 160/100 then it will not consider hi bp. If there is constant BP over this value then it can be considered as high BPP. Lo-BP will consider if it is 100/60 or below it. When uneasiness, headache, weakness, lethargy, it means BP is more or less. If this is not so, the situation is normal, there is no need to worry.

  3. Q3 – Can BP increase even from mobile phones?

    It does not happen directly and will not happen in just one day. Long-term use of mobile tumors is expected. By becoming a tumor in the body, BP can increase.


  4. Q4 – What should be scared by BP?

    Two things should be scared. First salt and second oil Reduce them or leave them.

  5. Q5 – Are angry people more victims of BP?

    Yes, blood pressure increases when you are angry. In the state of anger, the stress hormone is born in the body. This hormone prepares the body to deal with stress. But if you are constantly angry, then this hormone will be released more. If it is more then blood pressure will increase. It can also lead to heart or brain stroke.

  6. Q6 – Which Normal BP range is correct 120/80 or 160/100?

    According to the report of Joint National Committee (JNC), which came before 1993, there was a provision to give medication to anyone who had blood pressure above 160/100. The subsequent report of JNC has gradually decreased the high BP figure, which has now reached level of 120/80. This figure is falling. In such cases, the number of patients whose medication is being given is increasing. On the contrary, the report of the Cochrane Collaboration Database 2018 says that if someone’s BP is below 160/100, then it is not the use of giving medicine, this can worsen the situation. If he is above 160/100 then he should give medicine to his patient. Cochrane Collaboration is a UK institution that breaks the notions of new research and research in the fields of medicine internationally. It has 11000 members and more than 68,000 supporters in 130 countries. This is a free global network and has been collecting data for the last 25 years and bringing new information.


  7. Q7 – Is there a formula that can control BP?

    Yes, there is a formula. First of all, decide whether to eat or not. Anything that meets animals, it does not have to be eaten, such as dairy products, animal food, chicken egg, mutton. Second, stay away from salt and oil. Salt collects water in the body. The more water the body accumulates, the more BP will increase. According to the formula, daily diet should have 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables. If you make these changes in the diet, then high BP can be normalized without any medication in 72 hours.


  8. Q8 – What is the connection of salt and fat to BP?

    Due to excessive consumption of salt, it accumulates in the body by accumulating water. The risk of kidney failure is increased. The heart and most organ do not work properly Leave the salt for three days. When we check the weight again, the weight will be reduced from one and a half to three kg. This is not due to the loss of fat, but leaving the salt. You will see that BP has become normal too. Salt of any nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits is very low or no, so increase their quantity. Try to eat them raw. Avoid packaged and processed foods because they contain more salt.


  9. Q9- Do children also have BP? How to keep

    well maybe. BP is normal for eating salt or fat after the age of 15-16, because the body can manage it. But with aging, changes in body and cases of high blood pressure start coming in children. If blood pressure lasts longer, it means blood vessels have blockages. Because of this the pressure on them increases, so the symptoms of BP appear. The pressure increases to give blood throughout the body and the results come out in the form of high BP. In such a situation, if you try to normalize BP by medication, then the results will not be good because the blockage is persistent. The medicines weaken the heart and reduce your BP and not delete the blockage.

  10. Q10 – Why do you call BP pharmaceutical companies and the spread of market fear?

    If you take BP medication for 2 years then blood sugar and cholesterol start growing. That is, after taking a medication, medicines may also be required to treat two new problems. 73% of BP patients take both medicine for blood sugar and cholesterol. 70 percent of the US Joint National Committees-4 are affiliated with some pharma company. According to the committee, the high BP figure has gone up from 160/100 to 120/80, which can be even lower. However, according to the report last year of Cochrane collaboration, BP is below 160/100, it is normal.

  11. Q11 – How will BP be normalized?

    If you take 50 percent of the diet and raw vegetables in the diet then changes in the body will start to appear. It will look lighter in 72 hours. It will take 1 to 3 months for being completely normal. During this time packaged food is not to be taken at all. As BP starts to become normal, you will feel energetic, swelling will decrease, stairs will not boil and no chest pain.

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