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Blue T-shirt got caught by the catering wanders at the station, wrote- 'I do not pay bills then make my complaint'


  • Until now, catering wenders used to wear British-based uniforms.
  • This concept in Indian Railways for the first time started experimentally from Surat, the Senior DCM approved

face. Catering stall vendors at Surat railway station will now be seen wearing a blue sky dress instead of British khaki. With the name of his name and his contractor, along with promoting No Bill No Payments Campaign, it has also written a catering complaint number. If the vendor does not pay after paying, then the complaint can be made on the same number written on T-shirt.

To prevent over-charging of the vendors, their identities will also be written on this dress. It has been experimentally started from Surat station. Senior DCM Jagriti Singla of Mumbai Division approved it. Apart from this, Bhim was promoted to passengers in connection with digital payment mode.

If you did not pay the bills, then free luggage to the passengers: Before the commencement of the campaign at Surat station on Wednesday, ACM Prakash Parmar, CMI Ganesh Jadhav and Deputy Commissioner SS Anand Sharma inspected all the catering stalls, in which 6 vendors of the platform were stalled Lack of cleanliness was found. However, passengers were not issued any bills under no bill no payment, after which around 20 passengers were given free items under no bill no payment.

Illegal and external vendors are aimed at the motive: Surat Station Director CR Garuda and Commercial Inspector Ganesh Jadhav said that the purpose of the new dress is to ban the arbitrary and unauthorized external vendors on the station. No bill no payment campaign is running in the entire Indian Railways, so if we find any disturbances in the No bill no payment no tips slogan on dress and catering, then there is a complaint number for it.

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