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Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan has tweeted targeting the film ‘Mission Mangal’

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Mission Mangal’ has been released and it has earned Rs 27 to 28 crores on the very first day. But lately, Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan (Kamaal R Khan) for the film “Mission Tue ‘ve Tweets Hitting (Mission Mangal) ‘. In this tweet, Kamal R Khan has called ‘ Mission Mangal’ unbecoming of scientists. Kamaal R Khan’s tweet about the film is becoming very viral on social media.

Presenting his opinion about ‘Mission Mangal’, Kamal R Khan wrote, “Mission Mangal ‘is unbecoming of scientists working for Mangalyaan. Muvi describes scientists as a clown and Fools as people who fail in their lives, but launch Baichons Mangalyaan. How can ISRO allow Akshay Kumar to make fun of them? It’s unbelievable and pathetic. ”

Apart from this, Kamal R Khan wrote in his next tweet, describing Akshay Kumar as a foreigner, “I never thought that would make me a foreigner so helpless that I would watch his nonsense movie, which My own country does its own and I would call his film brilliant. If I don’t do these people will call me a traitor and send me to Pakistan. ”


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