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Brazil: Neymar Questioned for 5 Hours by Police on Rape Allegations by Najila Trinidade!!

The Brazilian police questioned Neymar from 4 pm to 9 pm , because of Nemar’s injuries, he was out of the US Cup, and his captaincy was snatched away.

Sao Paulo. Police questioned Brazilian Football Star Neymar for allegations of rape for nearly five hours. Neymar is accused of misbehaving with a woman he met through social media. In the interaction with reporters after the interrogation, Neymar said the allegations were wrong and said that truth will come out soon. 

Neymar has been out of the Copa America tournament due to an injury to the heel. On Thursday, when he came out of questioning, he was on crutches. The Brazilian police filed a contempt of honor against Neymar, and the woman who accused him is Najila Trinidade. 

Nearly 2071 people took part in a recent online poll for Neymar declaring him as innocent. In this 60% of people believe that the charges against Neymar are wrong, while 14% people think Neymar has mistreated the woman. 26% did not express any opinion on this.

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