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Brazilian bitcoin brokerage denies closing, but holds up to R $ 800,000 customers


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Brazilian bitcoin brokerage BTCBolsa has accumulated more than two months without accusing any movement in the order book. Although the company denies the closure, there are several complaints from customers with money stuck – one of them, with R $ 800,000 locked, is suing the exchange.

On April 12, the broker stopped appearing on Cointrader Monitor, a price index that shows trading volumes in Brazil, due to a lack of activity in the order book for more than 30 days.

The brokerage's own website, based in Goiânia, has not been accusing any movement of cryptocurrencies.

No answers

"I made a deposit at BTC Bolsa and they do not credit my balance, I advise not to deposit anything," said a user on the company's Facebook. The page has had no new company posts since February – the movement is due to customer complaints.

In Reclame Aqui, the exchange is already listed as “not recommended” – a non-glorious attribute achieved even before the freezing of company status on the platform due to the coronavirus.

A customer from Sorocaba also remembers that the BTCBolsa website went down for part of April. “I am trying to‘ transfer ’bitcoins to another exchange but the status is‘ pending ’. Total lack of respect and something tells me that the company is in serious trouble ”.

The client Pedro Feitosa Sobrinho, from Fortaleza, has a total of R $ 800 thousand in cryptocurrencies and reais retained since February, as a result of trading operations. "I made a request to withdraw BTC, LTC and ETH on 02/05/2020 and until now, transactions are still pending".

In conversation with Portal Bitcoin, the client claims that he has already taken the case to court. "The company has already been notified and we are just waiting (to be quarantined) to set the date for the hearing".

The exchange's lack of response was so great for the client Fernando Caio that he made several comments on the company's Facebook page posts in hopes of being heard. It took him five months to unlock almost R $ 3,000 that he had been trying to withdraw.

“All this time I have been sending a message to the support but they always say that they will solve it and they never do it. I feel very hurt by them ”.

What the company says

Interestingly, Caio's request was resolved after the report contacted BTCBolsa about the complaints.

Lucas Pacheco, one of the partners of BTCBolsa, denied that the exchange is without operations – although he admits a drop in volume, without going into further details.

“We are moving, there is no liquidity problem. It may be that there was a failure in the service ”.

Regarding Cointrader Monitor, the BTCBolsa partner stated that the list's exit has to do with an API issue, which has been turned off.

“Most customers today do not use API, just through our platform. But that does not interfere with anything in our operations. "

Pacheco said the broker would scan complaints made on Reclame Aqui and on social networks, although he says the focus is on complaints made through the company's channels. "Service is always provided, no customer is left unanswered".

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