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Brazilian Book Chamber to use Ethereum blockchain for copyright


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The technology that supports bitcoin also has possible applications for the publishing industry. This is what the CBL (Brazilian Book Chamber) shows when announcing the use of blockchain for the registration of contracts and copyrights.

According to the entity, founded in 1946 and with around 400 associates, the use of blockchain is one of the easiest and most uncomplicated ways to protect intellectual production. It will be possible to safely certify the authorship or ownership of a work – be it a book, a photo or an illustration.

In addition to the registration of contracts and copyrights, CBL already provides the publishing market with services such as catalogs and ISBN requests – an international system for identifying books and book software.

Reliable and secure system

According to the executive manager of CBL, Fernanda Gomes Garcia, the implementation of this technology had already been discussed within the entity for about a year.

“With the reliability found, we started to discuss the application's functionalities. We are very happy with the way the service is being offered. It is practical, safe and fast ”, explains the director.

The blockchain to be used in the new service is that of Ethereum, according to the CBL. The entity does not reveal the amount invested for the implementation of this technology, but considers the cost affordable considering the security it will offer.

Use in the editorial market

To explain how the blockchain technology will be used by CBL, the entity promoted last Wednesday (10) a live through the official profile on Facebook.

During the broadcast, in addition to contextualizing what blockchain is and its use by CBL, other actions around the world that already employ this technology in the publishing market were cited.

Blockchain was cited, for example, as a way to improve marketing mechanisms in the publishing market, such as consignment.

In this scheme, quite common in the industry, publishers and distributors pass books to points of sale and receive a percentage of the cover price as they are sold. In this way, the material that ends up not being sold can return to the source free of charge.

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