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Brazilian indicted for embezzlement forged his own kidnapping to avoid paying customers


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The victim of a group involved with G44 Brazil went to court to recover R $ 60,000 invested in it and the promised income. That person joined one of the GSAF companies under the promise of an 8% monthly profit from investments in cryptocurrencies. The case even involved the forged kidnapping of one of the GSAF's partners who had been indicted for fraud.

Judge Cleber de Andrade Pinto, from the 16th Civil Court of Brasília (DF), decided to grant an injunction to "determine the amount of R $ 74,400.00, under the Bacenjud system, in defendants' accounts".

The amount mentioned by the magistrate included the amount applied as well as the promised profit. For him, the “promise of an unreal financial return, shows the existence of a financial pyramid”.

The fake kidnapping, for Andrade Pinto, only denotes the attempt by those responsible for the GSAF to deceive investors and that there is the possibility of “seeking in their assets the amount invested by the author in the company of which they are a part”.

According to the decision, the victim was not a mere investor, but someone who joined SAF Family Assistance Service (one of the group companies). This person paid in the capital of R $ 60 thousand in the hope of receiving the promised monthly profit, but the reality was different.

"The company has not made any payments, with contradictory and vague responses, since February / 2020".

The victim, therefore, was informed that “due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, payments were suspended”. There was no other option but to seek the judiciary.

G44 Brazil Connection

The most unusual was yet to come. The GSAF Group then became suspicious of a financial pyramid and the partners started to be indicted for fraud. The manager of one of the companies then had a brilliant idea that only made his situation worse.

Alexsandro Rodrigues Alves decided to forge his own kidnapping. As a result he ended up in prison for real. It was before the news of Alves' arrest that the victim noticed that he would be inside a supposed financial pyramid that has been using, among other attractions, investment in cryptocurrencies.

"In turn, the other documents report the arrest of Alexsandro, administrator of the SAF group, for forcing the kidnapping itself, as well as opening an investigation against the company's partners, for fraud."

The fact is that the GSAF was not alone in the scheme. The economic group of Alexsandro Rodrigues Alves is involved with G44 Brasil S.C.P., as stated in the process.

The amount of R $ 60 thousand, paid in SAF, would have been invested in G44 Brasil, a company that has been investigated by the authorities for suspected financial pyramid.

Injunction granted, but …

The plaintiff, however, asked for urgent relief to block the GSAF accounts and what the group would receive from the G44 on the R $ 60 thousand.

"Be blocked by the Bacenjud and Renajud system, the invested capital of R $ 60,000.00, in addition to the remuneration to which it is entitled, in the amount of R $ 14,400.00, totaling the amount of R $ 74,400.00".

The request was granted by the judge, but the magistrate, before deciding on guardianship, only corrected the lawyer on one point:

“Firstly, I would like to point out that the Renajud system is intended to verify the existence of motor vehicles on behalf of the party, and is not suitable for the preliminary order for the seizure of a specific amount. The application will be examined in relation to the Bacenjud system ”.

G44 Brazil and its illegal performance in the market

The G44 Brasil group formed by an exchange, Inoex, and supposedly mining enterprises, is not authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to operate in the market.

Even with a fine imposed, the group continues to disrespect the order given by the municipality. The amount of the fine currently exceeds R $ 700 thousand. But this is nothing for a company that has been investigated for fraudulent activity in the market and has already failed to pay its investors.

Reports of payment delays and withdrawal blocks at the G44 come as early as mid-2019, but it was in November that the situation got ugly. The group stopped paying around 10,000 members.

To calm the victims' spirits, the G44 then promised to pay at the end of February. In May, another company statement came, but nothing. The fact is that even today whoever invested in it is awaiting this payment.

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