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Brazilian robbed in bitcoin sale in SP disclosed financial pyramid schemes


Diego Aguir lives a luxury life on social media (Photo: Reproduction)

The alleged businessman and trader Diego Aguiar, who was the target of a bitcoin scam in which he lost the equivalent of R $ 64 thousand, attributes his fame and high standard of living to the gains obtained in operations with the cryptocurrency. However, it has a history of publicizing and selling schemes that have damaged thousands of people like FxTrading and YouXWallet.

With around 1 million followers on Instagram in a verified profile, Aguiar calls himself an entrepreneur and “high-risk investor”. In the posts, photos of trips abroad and of the places he frequents in Brazil are usually accompanied by motivational phrases.

“Traveling is not luxury, it is the reward of those who are not afraid to take chances in life,” he wrote of a photo of a trip to Santorini, one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

The ostentation includes access to places frequented by celebrities. Among those that can be found at Aguiar's tolls are youtuber and presenter Matheus Mazzafera, singers Ludmila and Tati Zaqui and surfer Gabriel Medina.

‘High risk investment’

One of the high-risk investments recommended by Aguiar was YouXWallet. Promising profits of 3% a day, with supposed applications in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets, the company also rewarded customers who indicated new investors. The ultimate goal was to reach 400% profit.

Initial contributions varied between US $ 100 and US $ 50 thousand dollars; those who got new members for the scheme earned 10% of the value.

In a mid-2019 video available on his YouTube channel, Aguiar referred to YouXWallet as “the company of the moment”.

In November 2019, the company claimed to have been the target of a hacker attack and closed its website, halting customer withdrawals. Since the previous month, however, there have been reports of late payments.

‘Part of the strategy’

In a conversation on Facebook to which the Bitcoin Portal had access, Aguiar was asked about the promotion of this and other schemes that prove financial pyramids.

"These BTC (Bitcoins) that you gained from FX Trading?" Asked one user, referring to another scheme that left millions of reais at a loss to investors.

“I have robots that operate arbitration. And I invest in companies too. FX, ARB, 888, YouXWallet … ”, wrote Aguiar.

The businessman added, saying such investments are "part of his business strategy".

"You have to know the right time to join these companies that can make money there," he said. "I show strategies on how to make money with these companies, I am a strategist and that is why I am successful", he added.

Conversation on Facebook in which Aguiar talks about investments in pyramid schemes.
(Photo: Playback / Facebook)

This strategy was exemplified by Aguiar himself in the video about YouXWalleport on his YouTube channel. He said he initially invested $ 100, but that he intended to raise the figures.

“Then guys, I did a very big study at this (sic) company and I saw that it will last a nice time for everyone to be able to earn money on it. Let's go (sic) with everything! ”.

What Diego Aguiar says

Sought by the report, Diego Aguiar admits that he disclosed and invested in YouXWallet. However, he claims that he himself took a loss with the company and seeks to recover the money invested with other injured customers.

About FX Trading, he claims to be unaware of Brazilian investors who had losses with the company. O Bitcoin Portalhowever, he did extensive coverage of the company whose creator was accused by the Federal Police of having made a career out of suspicious schemes.

Aguiar also stated that he no longer invests in companies and that he concentrates his operations on arbitration done by himself, without using robots.

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