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Brazilian Youtuber loses channel with 500,000 subscribers after hacker invasion that 'offer' bitcoin


Leonardo Almeida is unable to contact the Google platform (Photo: Twitter / Fogo Queimado)

“I'm lost here, YouTube support doesn't answer me on Twitter, it doesn't answer me on email, it doesn't answer me anywhere”. The speech is from youtuber Leonardo Almeida, who lost access to his channel with 530 thousand subscribers on the Minecraft game on Saturday (27).

Second creator of the channel Fogo Queimado, it all started two months ago, when he suffered the first attack. In addition to losing access to the channel, he saw a fake live stream – a fraudulent practice that has become common in recent months – in which he looked like businessman Elon Musk, founder of Tesla.

Noticing the problem, youtuber asked his followers to put pressure on YouTube.

“After a lot of battle and 11 days of waiting, I got my channel back. Without the help of YouTube, I was able to recover the gmail account with their ways of recovery. YouTube had no idea that I had my channel with me again, ”he told Bitcoin portal.

Last Saturday (27), the nightmare returned when he learned from a friend that the channel's videos were gone again.

“I went in and saw that my videos were really gone, but I still had access to the account, so I went there and put them on the air again. Then I realized that there was a live on my channel, and it was the same type of live as the first attack ”.

This time, the case was more serious. "I was talking to them (YouTube) at the time I went to the channel and I realized that the page no longer existed," said Almeida.

In the last week, at least three channels have suffered some kind of interference or have even been deleted from the video platform without any explanation.

One hypothesis is that these and other channels are being used for a scam that was already occurring on other social networks and that now plagues youtubers.

Using celebrity names, hackers post fake videos on channels to ask for donations or other actions involving financial resources. Some of these streams attempt to capture bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies through a false promise to distribute crypto assets.

YouTube neglect

Since the beginning of the problem, Almeida has tried to resume his YouTube channel. However, the responses from the platform support are far from encouraging for the youtuber.

"They didn't ask me anything, the only thing they wanted (to know) is when I was hacked and what videos were gone," he said.

In addition to e-mail, Almeida has used Twitter to question YouTube in search of a solution. Through the social network you can follow the journey and the despair of the youtuber to recover your channel.

As was the case after the first attack, fans of Fogo Queimado have also been using social media to pressure YouTube in search of a quick solution to the case. This same strategy has also been adopted by followers of youtubers in the crypto community who have seen their channels disappear from the platform without any explanation.

Questioned by the report about the problems with the channels, YouTube did not speak up until the publication of this report.

Other hacked channels

The Burnt Fire is not alone. Other channels have faced similar problems in the past few days.

Cesar Soares, CSR, a well-known player in the game Counter Strike, also saw his YouTube channel – with 408,000 subscribers – “get” a fake live with the President of the United States, Donald Trump last Saturday.

"I have no access to my email, not even the recovery email," he said via Twitter, also last Saturday. So far, the channel remains down.

With 1.7 million followers, the Doarda channel, from youtuber Eduarda Hippler, also joined the list of attackers over the weekend. In your case, videos that were on the air were placed as private, while others that were hidden started to appear as public.

Unlike Almeida and Soares, Hippler was luckier. In another video, she reported that she was able to regain control of the channel with the help of her adviser – who made contact with YouTube support.

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