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Brazilian Youtuber shows how much he earns from day trade after being accused of course salesman


Youtuber Murilo Voznak explaining the difficulties in the day trading profession. (Image: Playback / Youtube)

"Living on a day trade is fucking awesome." The speech is by trader Murilo Voznak in a video published last month on 'Curinga Econômico', a YouTube channel that he has maintained since 2012. In it, Voznak reveals the difficulties in day trading activity, throwing a bucket of cold water, mainly in who wants to follow the profession.

“Let's talk about whether it is possible or not to live on day trading. I think a lot of people will be disappointed ”, said the youtuber to his 337 thousand followers.

The video is titled ‘Living by day trade is impossible – the end of the economic wildcard’. On the cover, a striking thumbnail with the words “YouTube Trader reveals that he lives on course”.

Voznak explains the difficulties, the losses that most youtubers who talk about the topic do not reveal in order to be able to sell courses in the area.

He asks people not to put everyone in the same boat, because there are a lot of traders who like to teach.

“I like to teach, I am like that. It is not to sell course, it is because I like it ”.

As he explained, his goal was never to be an influencer, a youtuber; the focus was only on educating people, as well as their parents, who are teachers.

“I never thought here that it would affect my life as a trader, or as an investor, or anything. I never thought that way, ”he said.

According to him, there are a lot of people selling day trade courses who don't know how to trade and who don't really know the market. On the other hand, he cites other experienced traders in the market who are also criticized like him, but who make money from the profession, not from selling courses.

"The problem may be with you," he said, addressing critics, suggesting that the activity is not for everyone.

According to Murilo, he has a degree in Economics, has worked in several banks in Brazil and learned the profession alone – “being beaten”, he revealed. So, he said, he likes to teach.

Day Trading is ‘take a hit’

He said that selling a course for R $ 300 does not exceed his earnings by operating, but that it is a real battle.

He decided to tell then the struggle that is to succeed in day trading and expose to those who want to follow the profession of day trader that he "will take a hit". That said, the person can end up like Murilo today, very financially, or like a time ago, when he claims he lost everything.

Day trading courses

Murilo explained that during a live he had an insight about some criticisms

Through them, people suggested that he and others would be on YouTube to sell courses, to earn money “teaching and not operating”, as the day trade activity would not “consistently make money”.

“For me it reached a limit. I think I have to talk about it. It is better to be now than to be postponing ”, he said, adding that it would be impacting him a lot. He also said that these comments were very strong and that he wanted to show the truth.

“Today was the first time that I thought like all those people who judge me. “Man, why am I doing this?”, He asked himself.

He described such criticisms:

“If you make money even with day trade why are you there, making videos for Youtube, spending your time, doing live ?. If you really lived on day trade, you were operating ”, he detailed.

That was when Murilo stated that despite earning money from courses (arguing that it is fair because he needs to support students) he shows that it is possible to earn a lot of money in day trading – and showed a screen with his earnings in April, of about R $ 60 thousand.

But for that, he said, you have to invest money, create assets, buy real estate, invest in shares … He assumed that, however good a trader he was, he already made the wrong choices and even lost everything.

I took a blow so hard that I thought, damn I don't want to do this anymore ”, he reported.

"When I came back, I showed myself to be a really cool trader because I managed to recover," he added.

"Winning, sometimes is not for you"

Living in Portugal today, Murilo said that his financial fall happened when he still lived in Guarujá, coast of São Paulo. The stage, he said, “was very difficult, without money’, but he managed to get up.

“Someone has to be honest with everyone on the internet… Not everyone will be able to win; sometimes it’s not for you, ”he said.

“Everything will depend on the person:“ Your path can be good or bad. It all depends on you, how you are going to work, what you plant ”.

For example, he cites the achievements of the Usain Bolt runner, considered the fastest in the world. Murilo said that he sees the athlete's performance and says “I can do it, but I don't know if I can do it”.

The ‘marathon’ which is to be successful or not with day trading he describes as follows;

"You are going to have to create assets, you are going to take a hit, you are going to win, you are going to lose, some months are going very well, others you are going very badly, it will probably break more than once," he said.

“I already broke while trading dollars, stocks, I got up trading stocks, I already broke in binaries, I got up, in forex I broke more than once, I broke accounts, I did copy trading everything went wrong – it was one of the biggest regrets… Man, is life. That is how day trade works ”, he added.

At another point he warns: “And you will always have to think:“ Tomorrow everything can go wrong ”.

Times have changed

Murilo also mentions that there was a time when traders really wanted to teach people, without this business of selling course, because they really wanted to share knowledge. "People who helped others".

He asks people not to put everyone in the same boat, because there are a lot of traders who like to teach. “I like to teach… I am like that. It is not to sell course, it is because I like it ”.

“I live on day trading. It's explained. Don't ask me again ”, he concluded.

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