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Brazil's largest finance youtuber reveals how much it has earned in 5 years of channel


Nathalia Arcuri is one of the rare professionals to show the value (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

Is it possible to earn money from a YouTube channel? According to youtuber Nathalia Arcuri, responsible for the largest finance and investment channel in Brazil, the answer is positive. However, the candidate must be prepared for a lot of work, consistency and persistence, in addition to producing content that makes a difference in people's lives.

“There is no point in wanting to make money from YouTube for the short term. This is a job of consistency, like everything in life ”, emphasizes youtuber.

In a video tutorial published last Thursday (28) on the channel Me Poupe !, which has 5 million subscribers, Arcuri showed how much he has already earned with the space through AdSense, Google's advertising service.

In total, Arcuri revealed that he has already earned US $ 750 thousand (about R $ 4 million in the current price) with AdSense, obtained through 680 videos that generated a total of 292 million views.

"It took a lot of work to get that revenue from AdSense," he said.

In the video, youtuber also says that it took no less than ten months to have the first monetization of the channel, founded on July 1, 2015 – of just US $ 0.28. "This with videos every week, a constant production", he adds.

Arcuri also points out that the revenue derived from AdSense accounts for less than 5% of the total revenue of Me Poupe, which also includes other products and services. "It is not just AdSense that makes a company".

However, according to youtuber, self-employed people can make money from AdSense on YouTube if they apply such tips.

Youtube and cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market has several representatives with channels on YouTube. However, the relationship with the platform is far from peaceful.

In recent months, cases of cryptocurrency-related channels in Brazil and abroad that have been suspended or even banned from YouTube have become common.

Near Christmas 2019, several channels around the world – including in Brazil – reported problems with the platform, with successive strikes (punishment) and exclusion of videos.

The reasons for this type of penalty are not clear, which leaves a feeling of insecurity with the producers of content about cryptography. There are even those who defend the migration of these channels to other platforms.

According to a report by the CCN portal at the time, YouTube's action in late 2019 may be related to Google's efforts to enter the financial sector. The 'operation' would then be a kind of preventive attack.

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