Breaking Bad: Peddlers use comics as cover for smuggling meth

Comics teach us about the bravery of heroes, and the wickedness of villains. This is a thoughtful tale revolving around a Kingpin whose ways were quite clever, to say the least.

Graphic novels were used as a medium in order to smuggle meth all the way from the US to Australia. Nine properties were subject to numerous raids, which led to the recovery of $1 million worth of substances. Couriers were used for making deliveries as well, with emphasis on comic books.

3 kgs of meth, along with marijuana and other drugs were seized during this crackdown. Detective Inspector Brendan Smith had a few words to say, “We’ve identified the supplier over there and Homeland Security are working with local police in America to take the law enforcement action over there,”. This operation had started off in October last year according to Smith.

South Carolina is the hub wherein the meth is being manufactured and shipped from, this area is close to Mexico. Stereos were packed with drugs too.

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