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BREAKING NEWS: Close to a dozen killed by ISIS attack in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad, the ensuing peace was disrupted by radical elements. A suicide bomber launched an attack on a police vehicle. This led to the death of 9 and left at least 11 seriously wounded.

As the vehicle was hurtling through the city, the attacker pounced on it. Five civilians were caught in the blast and perished, one child was a casualty. Four policemen also died as a result of the bomb.

Militants who hail from the Islamic State have been behind many on government centers, schools, etc in  Nangarhar. As the US and the Taliban ponder over how to react in this grave situation, terrorism begins to spiral out of control.

They need to have a decisive moment. How many more innocents must die, for 100 years and more Afghanistan has witnessed bloodshed. This must end.


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