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BTC plunges immediately after Bakkt acceptance start date announced

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The day before yesterday, the 27th was BTC/JPY, which had a 1.07 million yen stand, but yesterday it was also weighed down from 9 a.m. with the opening price. On the other hand, when the market approached the turning point of 10,000 yen to the u.S. dollar in the afternoon, it stopped lowering and rebounded.

In Europe and New York time, the opening price was 107.6 million yen, and the market price was aimed at 1.09 million yen. However, bakkt announced earlier this day that it would launch warehouses, a customer asset acceptance, and storage service, on June 6 next month, shortly after the market began to fall and plunged 4.49¢ at 3 am.

While there was no noticeable bad material, it is possible that the market price plummeted despite the announcement of good materials related to bakkt’s launch, but it is also pointed out that the pre-SQ sales gimmick may have been done. Tomorrow 30th is the last day of trading for the Monthly Trading Period of The Chicago MerkenTile Exchange. There is a possibility that the doubt of the price operation is multiplied if the sales mechanism is done on the day when THE IS decided and the day before.

Therefore, it is thought that a bearish muscle sold off the market yesterday, which was two days ago. The yen against The Yen, The Yen, Andy Bitcoin Cash, was also lower than the yen yesterday. According to coin telegraph, the Internet’s XRP community has taken a hard line of signature stake, some of which include “taking over xrp” and “making it hard fork.” In addition, on the 10th of next month, mona’s throw-in service tipmona is approaching the end of service, or the schedule of the next update of Ethereum “Istanbul” may be pushed, In recent years, there is a lot of negative news involving alto coin.


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