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‘Button Wallet’, A cryptocurrency wallet adds test support for Telegram Open Network

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Non-custodial multicurrency crypto wallet Button Wallet has added support for Telegram Open Network (TON) in test mode and offers 6.6 Gram test tokens to users who activate the application for free. About it writes Forbes.

According to Alex Safonov, co-founder and CEO of Button Wallet, this should give users the opportunity to gain practical experience in conducting transactions with digital currencies without any associated risks.

“The biggest obstacle to the development of cryptocurrencies is its massive adoption. We want to help people feel comfortable when trading without using real money, ”Safonov said.

Button Wallet supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, Waves, Stellar Lumens (XLM) and ERC-20 tokens, offering the ability to exchange assets without having to leave the application.

Button Wallet’s chief operating officer, Rachel McCrary, meanwhile, noted that simple fear often prevents many people from using cryptocurrencies. The ability to test the capabilities of digital currencies without the risk of losing money, she hopes, will help overcome it.

Note that earlier programmers from Hong Kong, where mass protests were held against the adoption of a law that obliges local authorities to extradite suspected jurisdictions with which this country does not have an extradition agreement, accused the Telegram messenger of issuing their phone numbers to the Chinese authorities.

In the Telegram settings, the user can independently determine the level of confidentiality, indicating who exactly can see his phone number. If you select “Nobody”, the phone will be hidden, but not from everyone: people who have this phone listed in their contacts for calls will still see it.

The suspicions of the protesters are fueled by the fact that even if the user chooses in the settings that no one sees his phone number, this number remains visible to those who entered it in the notebook of their phone. At the same time, the opposition does not want to leave Telegram in messengers like Signal, including due to the fact that they are less convenient, do not allow you to create chats designed for a large number of people, and also reveal the phone numbers of their users.

Telegram reacted to these assumptions, saying that the company “has appropriate security measures to prevent the import of too many contacts” that were “introduced specifically to combat the described scenario.”

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