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Buying drugs in Kashmir is as easy as ordering pizza, drug addicts increase 10 times in 5 years


  • Drugs second major challenge after terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Drug users mostly in the age group of 10 to 30 years
  • 12% women among drug users are responsible for many reasons like separation from home, families

Srinagar (Isfaq ul Hasan). The first thing that comes to mind in hearing the name of Kashmir is the beautiful weather and pleasant weather. But this earth’s paradise Kashmir is now in the grip of drugs.

Ajaj Ahmed (name changed), a student of class 10, is sitting in front of the doctor at the OPD of the Drug De-addiction Center of Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital. From the first puff of Ajaz Charas to the injection of heroin, the doctor is answering all the questions related to the drug. This 15-year-old boy from Anantnag is in drug addiction since the eighth. Ajaz is also suffering from Hepatitis C, as he was also intoxicated by a syringe used by friends. Ajaz told that some friends took me to Sangam to buy heroin. Here heroin was available at Rs 1800 per gram. I often bought half a gram. There are also some homes that openly sell drugs.

According to SMHS doctors, Kashmir has become a flying Kashmir like Punjab. Dr. Salim Yusuf, Registrar of Drug De-Addiction Center of SMHS Hospital, says that drugs are so easily available in the state, such as ordering pizza. Here a 10-year-old child is also caught in drugs. Unemployment is the biggest reason for youth becoming addicted.

12% of the women who take drugs, Dr. Salim says that it has come out in the reports that 12% of the drug users are women. Drug addiction in women is psycho-social stress, which is responsible for many reasons like separation from home, families. Senior Superintendent of Police of Srinagar, Dr. Hasib Mughal, says that intoxication is a big challenge in Kashmir. I have given the department a goal of how to eliminate addicts within the stipulated time.

Increase in intoxication: According to the official statistics, the number of drug patients has increased 10 times in the state in 5 years, the number of drug cases in Kashmir has increased considerably in the recent few years. The number of intoxicated patients in the state has increased more than 10 times in 5 years.

year Treatment in SMHS
2016-17 489
2017-18 3622
2018-19 5113
2019-20 1095 *

(* April 1 to June)

The figures are of people undergoing treatment at SMHS de-addiction centers.

3 people died due to taking drugs in Srinagar in just one month

Treatment: Police has built 4 de-addiction centers, in 10 years 21871 people have been treated in Srinagar: Police has built 4 de-addiction centers. 2 of which are in Srinagar and 2 in Jammu, where people are most affected. From February 2008 to May 2019, alone 21871 patients have been treated at Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center Srinagar.

Action: In 2018, 835 kg of sawdust, 909 kg of poppy straw were recovered: in 2018, police seized 72.176 kg of cannabis, 835.1 kg of sawdust, 909.2 kg of poppy straw, 18.94 kg of brown sugar, 1.48 kg of heroin, 0.024 kg of opium. . 169 kg hemp, 10.64 kg sawdust poppy was recovered from Jammu.

Smuggling: Drug trade running from Pakistan across the border, away from the grip of agencies: Heroin smuggling in the state is being carried out from Pakistan on the border. Last year, the police revealed a drug gang and seized 51 kg of Afghan heroin in Jammu, which cost Rs 250 crore in the international market. was.

Shame: Drugs do not explain the reason for the death of their families due to fear of family honor: Dr Muzaffar Drabu, Head of Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center, Srinagar, said that three to four deaths have occurred due to drug addiction in the last one month. They are among the patients who came to our center for treatment and later left.

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