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BWA debts, which hit bitcoin in Santos, already total $ 30 million in more than 100 lawsuits


Former headquarters of the company when she was still paying rent (Photo: Disclosure)

After failing to pay clients and rents from its headquarters, Santos BWA's cryptocurrency investment company started responding to 110 lawsuits in the São Paulo courts alone, totaling R $ 32,417,790.10. Some of these actions include Bitcoin Bank's NegocieCoins and BAT Exchange.

O Bitcoin Portal made a survey on the existing cases against the business group BWA pending in the courts of São Paulo until the 15th. More than half is valued above $ 100,000.

On the 15th, it was the last day for the alleged company to comment on a possible recovery plan, which proved frustrating to customers. BWA said it would be back in operation in March and began promising installment payments to some customers.

In a single action that was filed on Tuesday (14), an investor asks for $ 5,641,397.00. This was recorded as the highest value of all.

98.63% of the total amount of debts in court comes from proceedings brought by investors not only in Santos, but also in São Paulo and Praia Grande. In total it is R $ 31,972,283.27.

Out of this amount, there is only one lawsuit in the amount of R $ 445,506.83 that refers to the discussion about non-payment of rent from headquarters. This lawsuit was filed by Praiamar Corporate Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda on December 17 of the year.

BWA in Justice

The other actions, however, deal solely with contractual termination and request for the return of the amount invested in the company. 23% of the cases against BWA included companies from the Bitcoin Bank Group.

More than 17% of investors who filed a lawsuit against the Santos company brought Bat Serviços Digital as a defendant. Negociecoins was included in 6.4% of these 26 shares.

Of the 109 shares, it was accounted that 54.13%, ie 59 of them are over R $ 100 thousand; Of these, 17 exceed half a million reais. In total, seven can be considered millionaire shares. The average is R $ 293,323.69 per lawsuit.

Not all stocks are large, and there are those that may be strange given that BWA BR was an investment firm geared to high net worth individuals.

Investor actions against BWA in São Paulo courts vary between 1,000 and R $ 5.6 million

The lower case was also the first one filed against Paulo Roberto Bilibio's companies. A customer dissatisfied with his performance in the company decided to file a lawsuit on November 21, in the Central Forum of São Paulo charging only one thousand reais.

38 actions in one day

None of the actions, however, is in 2nd degree. Most of them were moved last month. Although 60 lawsuits were filed in December against BWA, it was last Tuesday that there was a record daily lawsuit against the Santos company. Only on the 14th of this month, the São Paulo Justice received 38 cases for protocol.

The numbers of injunctions granted by the courts in these cases have also been so expressive. Of the eighty actions with preliminary injunction already analyzed, 54 were granted. Among the twenty-nine cases without preliminary ruling, there is no way to state in which the plaintiffs made this request.

Paulo Bilibio's Past

Bilibio was known to have been kidnapped by a group of civil police officers and made history public last year. Long before that, however, he became involved in one of the largest financial pyramids in Brazil's history, the Good.

He was one of Bbom's biggest promoters in the city of Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, where he owned a Unepxmil franchise at the end of 2013. This company was directly linked to Bbom (both were fancy names of Embrasystem). it claimed to be multilevel marketing but, according to the Federal Court, it was just a scheme that sold vehicle trackers as a front.

BWA debts, which hit Santos with bitcoin, now total $ 30 million in more than 100 lawsuits "class =" wp-image-44421 "srcset =" 2019/12 / whatsapp-image-2019-12-12-at-12.19.37.jpeg 928w, -at-12.19.37-300x192.jpeg 300w, 768w , 696w, content / uploads / 2019/12 / whatsapp-image-2019-12-12-at-12.19.37-655x420.jpeg 655w "sizes =" (max-width: 928px) 100vw, 928px
Photo by Paulo Bilibio in 2014, when he was promoting the BBom financial pyramid in Guarujá (Photo: Reproduction)

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