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Can Blockchain Applications on EOS Be More Accessible?


WORBLI, a platform based on the EOS network, is a company working to make blockchain technology more accessible to financial service providers and app developers.

Yesterday, it announced its partnership with Aikon, an organisation which provides tools, infrastructure and services to blockchain developers. The partnership aims to help WORBLI make decentralised applications (dApps) more accessible to developers and enterprise clients.

Since the launch of Ethereum, followed by EOS, blockchains have become an increasingly popular platform to host applications which have the benefit of being decentralised, and financially fuelled by cryptocurrency. However, it remains difficult for many aspiring developers to work on the blockchain when they are uninitiated to the technology but wish to harness its potential. The same is true for users who are unable to interact with dApps due to the “complexity in creating an on-chain identity or signing up for an app”, according to the Director of Business Development at WORBLI.

I think one of the biggest barriers for mass adoption has been the complexity in creating an on-chain identity or signing up for an app. ORE ID has figured out how to remove that barrier.”

It makes sense that WORBLI is working to bridge this gap and work with Aikon “to expose the blockchain uninitiated to remarkable applications that would have been difficult to master.” According to the announcement, users and developers can now access and interact with EOS chains in a single login, and signup to applications available on EOS in a familiar way. The procedure would be similar to what they do on common websites like Gmail and Facebook. The mechanism is “synonymous with mass adoption and ease of use.” This is achieved due to an Aikon innovation called the ORE ID.


Mixed Reactions

Nonetheless, some members of the EOS community remain sceptical about the scope of the project given that in the past, WORBLI has not always delivered on its promises. Last year, it announced that it would launch a ShareDrop for EOS account holders, which didn’t come to fruition. Others defended the organisation, believing that the services that WORBLI provides, such as e-KYC, will become increasingly valuable to all app developers on the EOS network.



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