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Can Japan’s “Cryptocurrency Business” Win Globally? ── Gumi Kunimitsu and others discuss NFT, latest trends, etc.[Consensus Japan special program, scheduled to air on May 27]


From May 24th to 27th, 2021 (Eastern Time), CoinDesk will hold the world’s largest blockchain digital asset event “Consensus by CoinDesk” at a virtual conference. Held. CoinDesk Japan will produce a special program “Can Japan’s” Cryptocurrency Business “Win Globally? ── From NFT of Game Art to Regulations and Latest Trends”. Register for participation on the special site and watch. The special number will be provided in English (no Japanese translation).

Know the world’s NFT trends and the latest trends

As of April 2021, there are 26 crypto asset exchange companies in Japan, and the number of investor accounts exceeds 4.12 million. The Japanese are widely known in the world as people who are friendly to crypto assets, but what is the latest regulatory situation and business?

In the first half of this session, Mr. Hironao Kunimitsu, who heads gumi Cryptos Capital, one of the world’s leading crypto funds, will first present the status of Japan’s crypto asset business. Next, Mr. Neil Sato, VP of Engineering of Coincheck, one of the largest crypto asset exchanges in Japan, and CEO of Startburn, who will build “Startrail”, which will be an infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation in a new era using blockchain. Mr. Taihei Shiei will give a presentation.

In the latter half of the session, in addition to Mr. Kunimitsu, Mr. Masakazu Masushima, a partner of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office, who is familiar with the regulatory status of crypto assets, will be invited to discuss the crypto assets business in Japan.

Now that the world or crypto assets business is getting more attention, how do Japanese front runners think they can win in the global market? What about NFTs for games and art, as well as regulations and the latest trends? Business leaders who lead crypto assets and blockchain will appear at the virtual conference “Consensus by CoinDesk”.

A front runner who leads the digitization of finance will appear at the virtual conference “Consensus: Distributed”.


Hironao Kunimitsu (Chairman of the Board, gumi Co., Ltd.)

Born in 1974. After graduating from Santa Monica College in the United States, joined Atmovie Inc. in May 2004. In the same year, he became a director and is in charge of producing movies and TV dramas and launching new businesses. In June 2007, he established gumi Co., Ltd. and became president. Currently, as Chairman of the Board, he oversees new business areas such as the XR business and blockchain business.

Neil Sato (Executive Officer, VP of Engineering, Coincheck, Inc.)

Neil Sato (Executive Officer, VP of Engineering, Coincheck, Inc.)

Graduated from Purdue University Faculty of Engineering. Participated in a Silicon Valley startup as an engineer. After that, he worked as an engineer for more than 20 years at IT companies in Japan and the United States. In particular, at mixi, Inc., he was engaged in launching a social application platform as CTO. He was an executive officer in charge of global infrastructure at Rakuten, Inc., and completed an MBA at McGill University while enrolled. Joined Coincheck, Inc. in 2018 and will serve as the executive officer in charge of technology from 2019.

Masakazu Masushima (Partner of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office)

Masakazu Masushima (Partner of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office)

Utilizing his practical experience in Silicon Valley and financial supervision experience at the Financial Services Agency, he supports fintech startups in various fields and supports digital transformation and open innovation efforts of financial institutions. It predicts financial platform business and layering at an early stage, and makes advanced proposals on the ideal regulatory design and data management that match the platform-type business. Cryptocurrency assets are in charge of supporting legislation after the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox, and since then, as an advisor to various industry groups, continue to lead regulatory reforms for expanding financial and non-financial services using blockchain and tokens. ing. Currently, he is a partner lawyer (Japanese law, NY state law) and patent attorney at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office.

Taihei Shiei (CEO, Startburn Co., Ltd.)

Taihei Shiei (CEO, Startburn Co., Ltd.)

Born in 1977. I spend my boyhood in America. Completed the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo. After graduating from the Department of Oil Painting, Tama Art University in 2001, he produced the theme of “art in the age of the Internet” as an artist, and continues to exhibit at galleries and museums. He envisioned Startburn in 2006, and subsequently obtained patents in Japan and the United States. He started his business while attending graduate school and continues to this day. He also participated in many lectures and talk events.

Yuki Kamimoto (President and CEO of N.Avenue Co., Ltd.)

Yuki Kamimoto (President and CEO of N.Avenue Co., Ltd.)

Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation (currently Z Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 2013. After engaging in media and advertising business development centered on Yahoo! News, he was in charge of launching new businesses with overseas tech venture companies. Since 2018, engaged in research and business development in the blockchain area at Z Corporation, an investment fund of the group. Since 2018, he has been in charge of launching N.Avenue Co., Ltd., a media company that disseminates information in the next-generation financial field, which was established with the investment of the company, and is currently the president. Operates the Japanese version of coindesk, the world’s leading crypto asset, fintech media coindesk, and Japan’s largest blockchain conference, btokyo.

What is “Consensus by CoinDesk”?

“Consensus,” hosted by CoinDesk, is one of the world’s largest conferences on blockchain digital assets, held annually in New York.

So far, top companies and developers who are leading the field have gathered for discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking on various themes. In 2021, which will be the 7th time, it will be held online from the previous time due to the influence of the spread of the new corona infection. Register for participation on the special site and watch. The special number will be provided in English (no Japanese translation).

In addition, coindesk JAPAN is conducting a Twitter campaign where the free viewing code of “Consensus by CoinDesk” will be won by lottery. The deadline for participation is 5/17 (Monday).For details, see coindesk JAPAN Twitter.HerePlease see the post.


[Title]Can Japan’s “cryptographic asset business” win globally? ── From NFT of game art to regulation and latest trends

[Date and time]May 27, 2021 (Thursday) 23: 30-24: 30 (Japan time) * Scheduled

[Location]Online (pre-registration required)


[Participation application]Registration from the above website

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