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Cardano {ADA} HODLers listen up! Charles says the incentivized testnet will “tentatively” launch on the 12th of November

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Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of Input Output Hong Kong. Alongside Jeremy Wood [who was also involved with Ethereum], Charles established this research-focused organization committed to bringing about a “third-generation blockchain” smart contract platform i.e. Cardano. Roughly 7 hours ago, Charles had conducted a surprise AMA session so as to address doubts emanating from $ADA enthusiasts and haters.

He had attended 3 blockchain-based conferences that took place in Las Vegas. They include CoinAgenda 2019 as well as the much-awaited Litecoin {LTC} summit. Incidentally, he missed Cardi B’s show [which transpired at 2 o’clock in the morning] because he “likes sleep more than Cardi B”.

All jokes aside, Charles is looking forward to the release of the incentivized testnet. Most $ADA collectors believe that this will transpire midway through November. According to Mr. Hoskinson, 12th November is the “tentative” date [he harped on that term so as to ensure that people don’t misinterpret his comments].

2 separate Shelley explorers shall also be launched soon. If you’re looking to participate when the first snapshot commences, you must have access to your Daedalus wallet [which must be linked to the Jormungandr networking node a well as the Haskell Wallet Backend]. Which means that one must keep a track of keys. Charles has also been in touch with the leading exchanges scattered across the globe, so as to know whether they’d like to be involved with the staking phenomenon.

However, he insists that the ones responsible should have their funds stored in their personal Daedalus wallet and not in an exchange-based one so as to avoid problems when the incentivized testnet goes live. He and the rest of the developers associated with Cardano and IOHK are working diligently so as to update the 2020 roadmap.

A viewer questioned him with regard to government interference. Charles replied by stating that cryptocurrencies shouldn’t have custodians [but unfortunately, stablecoins do, and hence they encounter resistance from the lawmakers].

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