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CEO of LiquidApps and major EOS Block Producer gets interviewed; Wombat users can now buy EOS coins with credit or debit cards


Ivan on Tech is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on cryptocurrencies and all sorts of blockchain-based news. Recently, at the EOS Community Meetup held in Seoul, South Korea, Ivan got the opportunity to interview Beni Hakak who is the Chief Executive Officer of LiquidApps. Beni also operates as a block producer.

During the interview, Beni addressed concerns tied to the miscommunication between Western and Chinese Block Producers. EOS critics usually bring up the point tied to buying votes which is part of the governance mechanism; something that Dan Larimer has promised to change in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Hakak stated that a fork would be an unlikely outcome as EOS houses a closely-knit community. He also commended the Block.One settlement involving the SEC [the Securities and Exchange Commission received $24 million from the organization in-charge of EOS].

vRAM [run by LiquidApps] functions like a hard drive and can store potentially unlimited amounts of data. DSPs [DApp service providers] uses an IPFS node to house a copy of the original file. Essentially, it can act as a system restorer of sorts. Off-chain processing with on-chain integrity is a signature feature brought about by LiquidApps.

Beni mentions the need for a multichain i.e. a network that promotes cross-chain functionality between Ethereum, EOS, Cosmos, TRON, and so on. He also spoke about Moonlighting which is a mass-scale enterprise application that allegedly has over 750k users. Here are a few other solutions you should know about:

  • LiquidAccounts: Free Access for Users
  • LiquidOracles: Decentralized Data Feeds
  • Zeus SDK: Robust and Easy-to-Use Software Development Kit
  • vRAM: Affordable memory for DApps
  • LiquidScheduler: Decentralized Timed Events

EOS is ranked at #7 to the north of Binance Coin and Bitcoin SV in the market. The price surged at a rate of 0.95% in the course of the past 24-hours; this led to EOS rising all the way up to $3.17 where it currently holds. The trading volume recorded stands at approximately $1.297 billion, whereas the supply has 935,540,819 EOS coins in play as of this very moment. The total market cap of EOS amounts to $2.962 billion for now.

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