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Certified marketing thanks to Blockchain: a new boost for business


Blockchain, the technology that enabled the creation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensures security and transparency at the highest levels of transactions and processes. What are the new possibilities that open up for marketing?

In an increasingly interconnected world, where the exponential sharing of information creates many difficulties in distinguishing what is true from what is false, the need for secure and certified data is becoming stronger and more widespread.

The growing need for reliable content is a response to the spread of unethical behavior, such as distortion of facts and dissemination of wrong information, which leads to the problem of false news.

And there's more.

Even for companies, the difficulties associated with ensuring the authenticity of information inevitably result in additional costs associated with the need for monitoring and control.

Blockchain: a technology that automates trust

When Bitcoin came into existence more than 10 years ago, not only were the first trusted digital currency created, but also the first architecture based on trust and automation.

The internet has been a great catalyst for information, while blockchain technology represents the same for trust. What makes blockchain an extremely reliable and efficient technology is that it is a set of shared records to create unique and non-duplicable assets, guaranteeing and certifying the complete history of all data and transactions.

The blockchain system allows you to absolutely trust the information it contains. The data stored on the blockchain is, in fact, shared, accessible and distributed by all participants in the network in an immutable, transparent and secure way, without the need for a central government entity.

The great interest of companies in the blockchain stems precisely from its ability to transfer value and information in a secure and traceable way. This feature not only offers significant opportunities for efficiency in the production chain (tracking raw materials and products), but also opens up new possibilities for companies to build stronger relationships with their customer base and become more reliable.

How to guarantee exclusivity

As mentioned above, the blockchain is capable of creating unique digital assets. A token encrypted on a blockchain represents, in fact, an exclusive and non-interchangeable asset.

Ensuring the exclusivity of a digital asset means that it cannot be shared and reproduced by third parties, except for its author. This implies, as a consequence, that content creators can obtain adequate recognition and preserve their leadership role.

In this way, copyright protection on the web can greatly improve. Users can finally retrieve the content they share on the internet, without fear that it can be shared again or modified by third parties without authorization.

The source information is inextricably linked to the content, guaranteeing ethics, transparency and greater responsibility for all Internet users.

But what about promotional content created by companies? What are the advantages offered?

Towards certified marketing activities

Marketing has always kept pace with technological developments at the same pace, and this also applies to blockchain.

Today, it is common practice for companies to use the Internet to promote their business around the world by sharing content and making their voices heard on social networks and other platforms.

However, it is difficult for small companies to gain visibility, especially if there are already larger players already established in the same sector. Many consumers are understandably wary of companies they have never heard of before, also because they are often faced with low quality products offered online. Consumers have become more suspicious and it is difficult to gain their trust.

With blockchain, reputable companies will be able, regardless of their size, to quickly build a trusting relationship with their audience. If you can win the trust of your customers, you can create and maintain your brand's reputation and credibility.

Thanks to this technology, companies will have the means to demonstrate where products come from and to promote their business, validating communication to ensure its authenticity. This will help customers have greater guarantees, so they will be more willing to buy from companies that are certified compared to other non-certified competitors.

In fact, consumers will feel more protected when they buy something on the Web, because they will be sure that the quality descriptions of the products or services offered will be validated by a company capable of taking full responsibility in a very transparent way for what it communicates. Consumers will be able to have a communication similar to a “face to face” negotiation with the company. This can add significant value in a context of a fragmented and globalized market, such as the current one, especially in the field of digital communication, which is extremely widespread in everyday life, but also perceived as more "distant" and less and less reliable.

Certified marketing can bring more protection to consumers and boost the businesses of companies that adopt more ethical and transparent behaviors. These companies will be rewarded for the purchase options of customers who will be increasingly attentive and sensitive to issues of responsibility and quality.

And there is more than that. To tackle the problem of fake news and misleading content, in the future, search engines and the various online platforms will reward validated content with greater visibility.

The LKS Foundation Project: Content certified thanks to the NFT

The LKS Foundation, an Italian non-profit organization that aims to raise public awareness of copyright and blockchain protection issues, wants to create a system in which content ownership and source identity are connected and registered according to the principles fundamental elements of the blockchain, through a single and irreversible transaction.

To that end, the LKS Foundation wishes to create a specific type of token, a Non-Fungible Token, which is not interchangeable, constituting unequivocal proof of authenticity and property in the digital world.


Through this NFT, it will be possible to combine in a single transaction on the blockchain:

  • the identity of the person depositing the content;
  • the location and date of creation of the content;
  • the digital content itself;

Thanks to this process, it is finally clear and certain who the creator of digital content is, when the content was created and where it was created. Registering on the blockchain allows, in fact, to unequivocally and irreversibly track the initial transaction that stores information about the creation of digital content (and therefore also about its original creator).

We are talking about a real blockchain-based model that solves the delicate problem of transparency, trust and security of information shared and disseminated on the network.

To raise the funds needed to finance the creation of the NFT, the Foundation launched a token sale on the crowdfunding portal Eidoo Crowd for the cryptocurrency LKSCOIN developed by the LKS Foundation itself. This cryptocurrency, successfully tested on the Cam.TV platform, went on sale on Eidoo Crowd at a fixed price of 0.01 Euros, before being launched on the market.

The ongoing campaign, which started on March 30, will end on June 30, 2020 with effective positioning in the cryptocurrency market. From that moment on, its value will therefore be subject to market changes.

The kindness of using the cryptocurrency, created to allow users to send and receive compensation for content shared on Cam.TV, has been amply demonstrated thanks to the platform's users (currently 360,000, but that number is constantly growing) who perform from 30,000 to 70,000 LKSCOIN transactions per day.

In Cam.TV, in fact, cryptocurrency is used to buy or show appreciation – similar to social networks – for published content (video courses, consultations, articles, videos, etc.). At the same time, almost 900 Masternodes keep the blockchain safe and stable.

Federico Olivo, President of the LKS Foundation, commented: “We have received great interest in our project, both from individual users and from companies. Currently, we are aware of the existence of very sensitive issues, such as the protection of copyright online and the difficulties in monetizing content created and shared on the Internet. We are very excited to launch and test the LKSCOIN cryptocurrency on the open market, given the numbers and the potential that it has already been able to demonstrate on the Cam.TV platform “.

For anyone interested in learning more and participating in the sale of LKSCOIN tokens, we invite you to visit the official website of the Project and the official channel of Cam.TV.

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