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Changpeng Zhao Gives Date for New Crypto Money Exchange!

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24 hours according to the trade volume, which in one position of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binani by ‘s CEO Changpeng Zhao expected in a new interview with Cheddar gave the date for the opening of the US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Binance US Expires
Binance decided to stop US users from accessing the stock market a while ago and stated that they would open a special US-based cryptocurrency exchange called Binance US. Zhao said Binance will soon be serving within the US and added:

Orum I don’t want to give any definite dates, but now a lot of work is being done and many things are going well so we can open the stock market in a month or two. ”

In fact, not only Binance but many leading cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency companies are suffering from US regulations. A month ago, the gigantic cryptocurrency company Circle announced it would move its operations outside the US

Changpeng Zhao, on the other hand, stressed that he trusted the US regulations and regulators and that the US actually had one of the most developed markets. According to Zhao, the US is in a good position about financial regulations and cryptocurrencies are something new to the US. Zhao said that the United States is a big country, and it takes time to get used to new things and it is very difficult to regulate them.

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