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Children die of Splenic fever in Muzaffarpur! Health Minister, Mangal Pandey visits!!

Bihar’s Health Minister Mangal Pandey finally reached Muzaffarpur. After returning from Delhi, Pandey went to Muzaffarpur early in the morning and met the children recruited there. Mangal Pandey, who went to Patiala from Muzaffarpur for the last five days and was taking part in the party’s program instead of assessing the situation, sat on Friday with the officers reviewing the entire situation. Later talking to the journalists, he believed that there was a lack of continuity in awareness about the disease. He announced six additional ambulances to the Government Medical College, Muzaffarpur. 

Mangal Pandey conceded that there were two patients in Muzaffarpur of Japanese encephalitis, but most of the children died due to cerebral fever due to lack of sugar in the blood. According to the statement, in Bihar, 54 children have died due to brain fever and other unknown diseases, while the number of children in the grip has reached 203.

Dr. Shailesh Prasad, Civil Surgeon of Muzaffarpur, said on Thursday evening that the number of children who died of hypoglycemia and other unknown diseases had increased to 53 now, whereas till January, a total of 203 children have been affected.

Shailesh said that most of the sick children are suffering from hypoglycemia. Dr Sunil Shahi, superintendent of Srikrishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur, told that the central team that came from Delhi on Wednesday to take stock of the situation returned to Patna on Thursday and the team would submit it’s report.

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