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Christchurch attack: Terrorist pleads not guilty; citizens enraged

Brenton Tarrant is facing a ton of charges that will drag him down to his grave. However, he has pleaded not guilty. Brenton murdered 51 people in cold blood and injured 40 more.

On 15th March, while Muslims were engaged in prayer, this lunatic opened fire in a haven for worship. This monster drove to the Al Noor mosque, entered the building and started firing indiscriminately.

Men, women, and children crumbled in agony as an overhead camera recorded the entire footage. The Linwood Islamic Centre was another scene of crime, which was 3 miles from the Al Noor mosque.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it was one of the “darkest days” her country has been forced to witness.  Auckland Prison in Paremoremo is where the inmate is housed at for now.

Watch this CCTV footage which features a duo of man and his father escaping from the bullets of the attacker:



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