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Company lies on CVM authorization and promises returns of 30% per month


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Promise of huge gains month by month, lies about authorization to work and responsible people with an obscure history. This mixture of classic elements of financial pyramid schemes is repeated with Oasis Mercosul.

With a promise of 30% gain per month and the lie that the company is authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), Oasis Mercosul is yet another venture by Cristiano Dalla and Cristiano Goetten. The duo has already left millions at a loss with companies like NiCash and Goodream.

Along with them at Oasis, according to information from GAP (Grupo Anti-Ponzi), there is also Rangel Andrades, another person with a history of participating in shady financial schemes. One of the greatest leaders at Unick Forex, he went on to publicize MoGuRo through his YouTube channel. But today, all of your videos about the company have already been deleted.

The new company, in addition to working with cryptocurrencies, says it sells products ranging from headphones to motorcycles. The point here, however, is that selling these products is not Oasis' core business. What they seek is to attract investors in Brazil under the illusion of easy and risk-free gain.

Dangerous coincidence

In one of the videos posted on Youtube, Dalla appears saying that the company has authorization from the CVM to operate in Brazil.

The Oasis leader exposed on the screen an excerpt from CVM letter No. 11/2018, which allows “indirect investment in crypto to be made through, for example, the acquisition of shares in funds and derivatives, among other assets traded in third jurisdictions. , as long as admitted and regulated in those markets. ”

According to the company's website, the general headquarters are in the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazu, on the triple border with Brazil and Paraguay. And according to the CNPJ released by its leaders (15.010.130 / 0001-82), the registration of the Brazilian subsidiary is in the municipality of Cascavel, west of Paraná, under the name of Oasis Brasil Representações de Comércios Ltda.

The CVM even includes a company with a similar name, which has the proper authorization to operate in Brazil. This is Oasis Agentes Autônomos de Investimentos Eireli, which is headquartered in the city of São Paulo and has no relationship with the company of Cristiano Dalla.

History of pyramids

Dalla, in the video, mentioned that there are professionals and robots working so that investors always have profits. And, in addition, he pointed out that there are other gains of up to 12% by referring new customers to the network, which is very common for these Multilevel Marketing companies.

According to information from the GAP website, the company already has 18,000 people registered with the hope that they will have quick and easy profitability. These people, however, must not know the past of the directors of Oasis Mercosul.

The publication states that they have been investigated for blows already committed. Cristiano Goette, who is of Argentine nationality, was even sued by his own mother after he sold her only property with a revoked power of attorney.

Cristiano Dalla Bernardina, however, is already a personality known for working in companies suspected of fraud, which ended up giving rise to some actions in the Federal Court.

Before Oasis, the two would have worked in three other suspicious companies: Sanfoods, Goodream and NiCash. Through these, according to the GAP, they would have left “a trail of damage in the millions” and this made them old acquaintances of the Police of Espírito Santo and Paraná.

In this new venture there is a division of tasks between the two. Although the company is in the name of Cristiano Dalla Bernardina and his wife Crisala Paula de Oliveira Dalla Bernadina, Goetten is one of the owners.

In a promotional video for the company Goetten, Brazilian but with Argentine citizenship, he presents himself as the company's president. Without any quality, the film of a few minutes brings Goetten, in front of a huge banner with the photo of the city of Buenos Aires, speaking in Spanish as if he were the real owner of the company.

Suspicious legality

The sale and purchase of crypto assets is not regulated by the CVM. However, when clients are attracted to investments in Brazil, things change and it is necessary to know if what is being offered is a type of security.

The announcement of certain monthly earnings and that there are people working in the company so that customers always have profits from the bitcoins invested can give the idea of ​​being a collective investment contract, a kind of security.

According to CVM Normative Instruction No. 296/1998, collective investment contracts are those that generate “the right to participate, partnership or remuneration, even resulting from the provision of services, whose income comes from the efforts of the entrepreneur or third parties” .

The argument that the company would be automatically authorized by the CVM to attract customers in Brazil under the terms of Letter No. 11/2018 is not connected, since the company's headquarters are Brazilian, as stated in the Federal Revenue Service.

Clarifying things

Professor and doctor Marcia Dalcastel, coordinator of the Laboratory Company and Human Rights at UFF (LEDH.uff), stated that companies operating in the financial market must comply with the requirements of Organs regulatory bodies and that there are no exceptionalities other than those determined by them:

“It should be noted that all rules imposed by CVM and Bacen must be complied with, so that only a single normative item cannot be understood as an authorization term. The prudence to be taken is to seek to verify, with the regulatory bodies, that they effectively fulfill all requirements ”.

Governor's word

The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) was contacted by the Bitcoin Portal. As the agency cannot talk about a specific case, the report sought to know only if letter 11/2018 serves as authorization for companies that promise fixed monthly earnings with investment in cryptocurrencies to capture customers in Brazil.

Through a note, sent by his press office, the municipality stated:

"In accordance with the Circular Letter SIN 11/2018, CVM Instruction 555, in its arts. 98 et seq., When dealing with investment abroad, authorizes indirect investment in crypto assets through, for example, the acquisition of shares in funds and derivatives, among other assets traded in third jurisdictions, provided they are admitted and regulated in those markets.

However, in compliance with the duties imposed by regulation, it is up to the administrators, managers and independent auditors to observe certain steps in the acquisition of these assets.

In any case, the aforementioned Circular Letter was not intended to authorize any specific participant to operate in the market. Without prejudice to the above, it is also necessary to point out that only authorized financial institutions (banks, distributors, brokers, etc.) can offer operations in the Brazilian securities market, being possible to consult them on the CVM website.

The Autarchy also clarifies that the investor can, whenever necessary, seek clarification from the CVM through the Citizen Service (SAC). ”

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