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Consulting24 launches to guide crypto-enthusiasts on where to buy Bitcoin

Press Release

Consulting24 has announced the launch of its latest creation, a new website called The latter is a platform that recommends the exchanges from which people can safely purchase or sell cryptocurrencies without the risk of being scammed.

Consulting24 & BuyBitcoin24 CEO – MARDO SOO

The website mainly aims to provide cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts with relevant information about the best 3 cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Bitcoin. The goal is to provide a trustworthy platform through which people will access relevant information that will allow them to make safer investments by eliminating the risk of being scammed.

Consulting24 is one of the top consultancy companies in Estonia and it provides consulting services in the crypto-space. Most of its clients are mainly SMEs that are interested in setting up blockchain-based businesses. Estonia, the country where the consulting team is based, is one of the world’s most digitized countries and has 0% corporate tax.

The consultancy firm has been pivotal in the digitization process for many businesses and organizations in the country and internationally. It offers a variety of services that include setting up a company, bank accounts, and acquiring crypto-licenses in Estonia. The consultancy firm also has a strong team of counselors who are very knowledgeable about Estonia’s rules and regulations. They also have the necessary skills that guide businesses towards success.

Why the project was created?

Chief among them is to address the security issues that currently plague the crypto-industry. Many scammers out there have fake crypto-websites masquerading as legitimate platforms where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These platforms prey on unknowing individuals and scam them of their money.

BuyBitcoin24 aims to solve the security problem by letting crypto-enthusiasts know which exchanges are the best avenues through which they can purchase cryptocurrencies. The second primary objective of the new website is to make sure that investing in cryptocurrencies is as smooth as possible. Crypto-investors do not have to spend so much time researching to determine which exchanges are ideal or have the lowest fees.

The website will feature webpages where crypto-investors can compare the best options. The information is curated in a manner that will make it easy for users to pick the crypto-exchange which best fits their criteria.

The website will also be updated regularly to ensure that crypto-investors avoid being scammed.

What crypto enthusiasts should expect

The website will not just list the top exchanges. It will also allow you to compare features such as the different payment methods different exchanges offer, the fees they charge, supported countries, and other differentiating features that will enable you to make an informed decision. The website is an easy-to-use tool to find the best and most-trusted crypto-exchanges fast.


The new project aims to be your go-to website if you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies in the safest possible way. Next time you consider using a specific exchange, make sure you visit BuyBitcoin24 first to make an informed decision on whether or not to go through that exchange platform.

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice

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