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Consumer News In Hindi: Immunity-boosting menus are the new normal | To increase immunity, many products ranging from turmeric, basil and ginger milk to special immune khichdi, special variants of tea and coffee are also launched.

Don't Spin

  • Recently products like turmeric milk, celery fennel tea, soy based tea, decoction, chyawanprash ice cream and raspberry rich in vitamin C have come on the market
  • From Five Star Hotels to restaurants and cafes, the menu has increased focus on products that enhance immunity.

Varsha Pathak

Jun 14, 2020, 05:55 AM IST

new Delhi. People are now fully focused on immunity to avoid coronavirus. Actually, the movement of people has started with the introduction of Unlock-1. In such a situation, the number of patients across the country is increasing exponentially. From doctors to experts, it is believed that strengthening defense and immunity is the only way to escape from Corona.

Given this, companies as well as hotels, restaurants are also focusing on boosting immunity. Corona has proved the importance of healthy foods and beverages. Statistics show that people are using such products and this has increased sales. Chyawanprash and honey sales have seen an increase of up to 30%.

Keeping in mind the changing food habits and needs of the people, there are dozens of companies ranging from Mother Dairy to Amul and Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Starbucks and Chaios, offering immunity boost products for consumers. From Five Star Hotels to restaurants and cafes, the menu has increased focus on products that enhance immunity.

Immunity boosting products

Recently products like turmeric milk, basil milk and ginger milk, honey-turmeric latte, soy-based tea, brew and vitamin-C rich raspberries, kiwi and blueberry smoothies, turmeric latte have come up. Similarly, turmeric tea, celery fennel tea, lemongrass tea and Kashmiri coffee, herb and seed bread, chyawanprash ice cream and buttermilk ragi tacos, special khichdi, immunity sandesh and many other products are also present in the market.

These are the kids special immune products

  • Milk and milk products giant and Mother Dairy, a subsidiary of NDDB, has introduced turmeric milk to the butter scotch flavor. Every bottle of milk, rich in turmeric properties, has the benefit of one spoon of turmeric. The company has designed it especially for children. Hence it has been launched in Butterscotch Flavor. It can be drunk either cold or hot. It costs 25 rupees.
  • NRI Chaiwala has prepared Special Kids Tea for children. It includes 14 types of nutrition with wheat, barley, sugar, bitamine-C and D. It costs 20 rupees. The company believes that this will strengthen children's bones. It is for children who do not want to drink milk. This tea looks like milk and juice in a way and its test is like chocolate.
  • Dairy firms are now trying to make up for the loss of lockdown with new immunity boosting variants. Especially it will be launched according to the season. Nearly all top ice cream companies such as Naturals, Vadilal, Pabrai, Cream Bell and Dairy Day are working on plans to bring flavors with immunity boosters. These companies may launch Chyawanprash ice cream and turmeric mix ice cream.
  • Ice cream sales have been the most affected during the lockdown. However, it has the highest sales during the summer season. This happened because people's focus on eating and drinking outside the home was reduced.
  • Hindustan Unilever has also introduced Vitamin-C and D Plus Zinc in its Horlicks brand to boost immunity. The company has launched it for kids and women. Although people of all ages will be able to use it. At the same time, the bakery company, Baked Goods Label, has launched Herb & Seed Bread. It is specially designed for children. It has included many special ingredients including basil, honey.

Companies are focusing on native methods

  • Starbucks has launched honey-turmeric latte, soy-based tea, brew and vitamin C-rich raspberries, kiwis and blueberries. Tata Starbucks believes that in future most customers will focus on healthy eating. This is the reason that the company is preparing products to do immunity power boost and is adding it to its menu forever.
  • Café Coffee Day, the country's largest coffee chain, has introduced turmeric lattes. According to CCD chief executive Vinay A Bhopatkar, after Kovid-19, there has been increased awareness about Indian traditional spices and ingredients. Indian spices are very helpful in enhancing immunity.
  • Chaios has launched turmeric milk and turmeric tea in view of the epidemic. The company's co-founder Raghav Verma believes that most of his products have been launched keeping in mind the guidelines of the AYUSH ministry.
  • Tea retailer Tea Point has added new items to its menu such as celery fennel tea, lemongrass tea and Kashmiri coffee. This can help people to overcome seasonal diseases. Amulek Singh Bijral, Co-Founder of Tea Point, said, "The trend of working from home has led to a rapid change in the food habits of people. Now people are preferring healthy food for breakfast. "
  • NRI Chaiwala based in Delhi-NCR has launched Special Anti Corona Tea. The company's co-founder Jagdish Kumar says, "We have emphasized on immunity power enhancing products to fight the corona infection." In view of this, Mohini Astra (Cinnamon and Thyme Tea), Ramban (Mulethi Tea), Bhramastra (Turmeric Tea), Nagastra (Kara Tea), Suryastra (Ginger Lemon Tea) have been added to the menu. At the same time, Delhi and Restaurant and Cafe My Bar Cafe have also changed the menu for lunch and dinner. Emphasis is being laid on healthy food and well cooked food in high temperatures.
  • Pack bottle water manufacturer Bisleri has introduced additional mineral water to increase immunity. While ITC has launched 'Immunity' Song. It is launched under the dairy brand Ashirwad Swasti.

'Healthy Products' of Dairy Companies

Dairy brand Mother Dairy 'Turmeric Milk' and Amul India have launched Amul Turmeric Milk, Tulsi Milk and Ginger Milk. Amul India will soon launch Ashwagandha and honey milk. This milk will be available in the market for 25 rupees. Both companies have said that in order to increase immunity amidst the coronavirus epidemic, the AYUSH ministry has advised everyone to drink turmeric mixed milk. In view of the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH, new products are being introduced.

Hotels 'healthy menu'

Some hotels in Ahmedabad have included other food menu cards including celery-fennel tea, turmeric tea, chyawanprash, turmeric ice cream, buttermilk, tulsi tea. Like other hotels serving Gujarati thali, other restaurants have also prepared to include drinks that boost immunity.

Other healthy beverages, including Ayurvedic decoction, have been included in the menu, especially at Cafe Restaurant. Luxury Five Star Hotel is also making changes to its menu. Vivanta of Taj Hotel has launched Special Khichdi, which increases immunity power in New Delhi. At the same time, Oberoi Grand, Kolkata has now prepared Anti Corona Juice as welcome drinks for the guests coming to their hotel.

Restaurant's 'healthy menu'

Many restaurants in cities like Delhi, Mumbai can now make blueberry chutney, tomato-cucumber and green vegetable mix sprouts, lettuce, soy brown rice, fresh vegetable soup mandatory in the menu.

  • The owner of Delhi's famous restaurant chain Gola Sizzlers said that now customers are demanding healthy and immunity power boosting dish. As such, we have included fresh salads, sprouts and vegetable soups in our menu. With this, soy brown rice has been made mandatory instead of plain rice. In the coming time, we will make our menu more healthy.
  • Mumbai-based Candy and Green Lunch and Dinner can include food like Superfood Poke Bowl in their menu. It will be completely protein rich. Talking about cocktail menu, this restaurant has included products like Tequila Mango Puri and I Chilli. It contains vitamins and minerals. It also contains a small amount of alcohol.

Immunity enhancer 'sweets'

Balaram Malik (Swets), one of Kolkata's famous sweets shops, has launched 'Immunity Sandesh'. Shop owner Sudeep Malik claims that it has been prepared using 15 herbs and spices. These include turmeric, basil, saffron and cardamom. In the message, honey from the Himalayas has been used in lieu of sugar to increase the immunity of the customers after eating it. Sandesh is a popular dessert in Kolkata.

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