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Core Developer Offers Funding for Ethereum Projects


Eric Conner, a core developer at the Ethereum Foundation tweeted earlier today:

If you were given a budget of $5k, what would you build or do that would be great for Ethereum? Think hard because this may be more than just a prompt.

His tweet received more than 100 replies, and a few hours later he clarified that the “top ideas” will be receiving funding.

While working on the developer team for Ethereum, Conner is also the co-founder of EthHub, an organisation which provides research and resources to help people learn about the Ethereum platform. It seems likely that the funding for the ideas will come from EthHub as it was not formally announced by the Ethereum Foundation.

Responses were creative and covered a wide range of aspects.

Conner seemed to approve of a tweet which spoke about advertising the Ethereum platform. Twitter user Mike Dudas stated he would use the money to buy advertising space in the New York City subway. By promoting Ethereum as “financial products for people who hate banks”, he believes Etheruem would reach a previously untapped audience: ‘hipsters’. According to Dudas, a reason why this might work for Ethereum is the successful implementation of an ad campaign in the NYC subways by digital payments application Venmo.

Another popular idea was provided by Twitter user @kevingaspar, who said he would use the money to give everyone an Ethereum Domain Service subdomain which would give them a human-readable address for their accounts. The user, however, meant this slightly sarcastically, stating that he would use the remaining $4995 to educate and encourage DApps on Ethereum to use Ethereum Name Service.

Of the many replies, the idea of an ‘Ethereum Coding Bootcamp DAO’ was very popular. This Decentralised Autonomous Organisation would be for a non-political cause, would promote education and would have a small scope, making it extremely appealing.

Only time will tell how the top ideas are selected and how much funding they receive.

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