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Corona patients will be treated with De Warming's medicine!

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new Delhi: And now the thing about a drug which is very cheap, safe is available in India and it is also working as a treatment on patients of corona virus. This drug is ivermectin.

This drug is being used as a treatment in many cities of Japan, Bangladesh and Bolivia including India. And the results are very satisfying. Japan's PM Shinzo Abe has also decided to try the drug.

Ivermactine, a drug that is part of the World Health Organization's de-worming program, is considered safe in the World Health Organization's Safety List. A medicine which is known as de-worming tablet in the stomach. <! –

                 Now this same medicine can be used to cure corona virus. Many hospitals in Kerala, UP, and Delhi in India are also trying this medicine on corona patients.

In a lab study conducted at Monash University Australia and the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Lab, it was found that this drug eliminates the virus within 48 hours. Lab study showed that the RNA of coronavirus was reduced by 93 percent with this drug.

However, in this study, the drug was not tried on humans. But this work was done by the doctors of a private hospital in Bangladesh. Doctors of a private hospital in Bangladesh gave iovermactin drug as well as an antibiotic drug doxycycline to 60 corona patients admitted to it. According to the hospital doctors, after 72 hours of giving the medicine, the corona test of all patients came negative.

Actually, ivermactine is considered an antiviral drug to increase immunity. However, if this medicine turns out to be a miraculous drug, a large trial will be needed. But this very inexpensive medicine with no special side effects has given a new hope to the medical world.

Harvard has found in its study that patients are getting corona free from this drug.

104 patients were given medicine in Kanpur Medical College. Test of 94 came negative in 4 days of giving medicine. Kanpur Medical is writing a research paper on this medicine.

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