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Cosmos {ATOM} recovers; RealSatoshi interviews Chjango Unchained of Tendermint


Cosmos ranks amongst the top-20 hottest projects in the market, based on the data obtained from coinmarketcap. The price surged at a rate of 1.87% in the course of the past 24-hours; this led to ATOM reaching all the way up to $2.87 where it presently holds. The trading volume recorded stands at approximately $127.122 million, whereas the supply still has 190,688,439 ATOM coins involved as part of the circulation. The total market cap of Cosmos amounts to $547.629 million.

Chjango’s answers were straightforward. The host questioned her about the vision of Cosmos, and Chjango replied referring to the original idea by Jae and Ethan who wished to build the first interconnected network which could bring other projects together. Chjango said that Jae’s plan received a ton of flak 3 years ago, but numerous players in the cryptosphere have now begun to focus on interoperability.

Chjango had collaborated with NASA with regard to the Mars Rovers project in the past. She mentioned the attachment core members within Tendermint and Cosmos have to this network; and how belongingness is directly proportional to the passion displayed by the founders towards the concerned technology.

I was able to note several similarities between Cosmos and Cardano: both ventures have committed teams and are research-based networks. Chjango also stated that the IPC spec and implementation are almost over. The host questioned her about the possible centralization of the network, to which Chjango remarked that governance depends entirely on HODLers.

Chjango addressed the criticism emanating from Gavin Wood who is an Ethereum co-founder too, and also explained why a merger between the iris hub and the cosmos hub is highly improbable. You can find the entire questionnaire right here:

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