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Cosmos will henceforth be coded via various languages; ATOM sinks as market fluctuates


Cosmos is ranked at #20 on coinmarketcap, right above Ethereum Classic. The price of ATOM declined by 4.76% in a span of 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $134.947 million, while the supply has 190,688,439 ATOM tokens in play as of this moment. The total market cap of Cosmos is $674.224 million. The price of ATOM is $3.54.

The Cosmos project has similarities to Cardano, with both being research-based. Although so far, ADA has been grabbing the most attention of potential investors. This was the latest update from the developers at Cosmos, from now on consumers can employ three varying programming languages in order to function effectively.

Ethermint is said to be the first, it is heavily inspired by Solidity which exists on the Ethereum platform. Zaki Manian hailing from Tendermint [those who are in-charge of Cosmos; they play a similar role like IOHK does in case of Cardano] said Ethermint was being designed for the last three years.

Secure EcmaScript [SES] is slated to be the second language. This is a form of JavaScript, constructed in order to develop smart contracts [involvement of Agoric]. Dean Tribble, the CEO of Agoric has expressed hope with regards to this change, as the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) is nearing completion.

Cosmos works as an “internet of blockchains”. Separate chains known as Zones which function without pressure are linked to the Hub, which is the crucial central chain. The Interchain Foundation are part of the group of overseers for this particular network.

Pact, of Kadena, will be suited to fit the Cosmos ecosystem. The founder Stuart Popejoy believes the Pact is “better” than Solidity in a number of ways and hence looks at it as an industrial-standard.

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