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Customers charge, but Nubank is silent about measures to help account holders in the coronavirus crisis


Customers have been asking Nubank for help, but no response

Nubank's oiled marketing machine seems to have choked on the coronavirus crisis. The supposedly humanized bank has been asked to take a position by customers on social media, but has not outlined any response.

What is strange is that the biggest fintech in the country usually has an effective communication capable of transforming current affairs into marketing actions. However, despite the charges, the company remains silent.

The problem is so serious that the country's most famous fintech for the first time has been compared – negatively – to the big banks, which have already communicated some changes to customers.

In all social networks at Nubank, customers have been asking for help or at least for the company to position itself. In the company's latest posts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin there are hundreds of requests for at least one answer – which is not done.

The pressure is such that Nubank hasn't updated Facebook since March 13th. Before you can see that at most every three days the company made some post.

One of the most liked comments is that of Bruno Barcellos, who seeks to show the contradictions of fintech in a moment of crisis:

“Nubank has always positioned itself as a more humanized bank, but it was the only one that until now has not taken a consistent communication tone… The big banks have already spoken out in order to help the economy .. clearly this will be marked in the history of Nubank in the greatest moment of crisis for humanity, the so-called “human” bank took no action to minimize losses… unfortunate ”

Another, from Glaucia Carvalho, says: "How will the payment of the invoices for the next month look? In this current situation in Brazil with this pandemic @nubank I am automatically looking for a position with you and your customers".

There are many similar questions that are repeated constantly without getting any kind of answer.

Just on Twitter, where there’s no new post since March 10th, there is some kind of answer. The team asks customers to send messages through the app's chat, call 0800 591 2117 or send a DM (direct message) to the Twitter profile.

It is in this social network that there is the only type of communication drafted by the company in writing and on March 21 at the request of a client:

Print of Nubank's Twitter account (Photo: Reproduction)

The press office did not respond to questions from the Bitcoin Portal until the publication of this report.

On the Nubank blog

Despite the lack of concrete measures, since the last 16th, most of the posts published on the Nubank blog have some relationship, direct or indirect, with the current global moment.

On March 19, the blog warned about how the coronavirus has been used as a pretext for a series of scams on the internet.

"In times of coronavirus, criminals know that people are hungry for information – and therefore more likely to click on something malicious and have their phone or computer attacked (or be convinced to hand over their data)," the text says.

This type of fraud is known as "phishing" – an allusion to "fishing", since the scams work as "bait" to try to get personal data from the most careless Internet users.

In a post on March 20, fintech showed how cell phones and computers are good allies when shopping and banking without leaving your home.

Nubank instructs customers on the virtual credit card, payment of slips and recharge cell phones. In addition, remember that all these operations can be done through the account at fintech itself.

* Collaborated with Rodrigo Borges Delfim

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