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CZ Binance Trolled for Tweeting a ‘Fake’ Story about BNB


The CEO of Binance and popular Twitter user, Changpeng Zhou, tweeted a promotional story of his interactions with a 14-year-old boy. According to Zhou, known as CZ, the boy refused to discuss finances in terms of US Dollars, preferring to use the Binance Coin (BNB) as a unit of measurement instead.

Whether this story is true or was just a ‘shilling’ tactic for Binance Coin, the masses seemed to believe it was entirely fabricated. CZ’s tweet received a flood of responses, criticism, jokes and memes sprinkled with a few people who believed him.

Peter McCormack, a popular member of crypto Twitter, made a joke asking if CZ referred the boy to Binance’s terms of service. He provided the following image:

Many outright accused CZ of faking the entire story. Others made jokes about conversations they’ve had with children about cryptocurrency. One user stated “Wow the first words of my kid were literally: “Binance Chain is essentially a digital asset creation and exchange platform”, with another tweeting: “My kid said “Binance is old news, being a registered securities exchange is the future!” my kid is correct of course. The funniest, perhaps was this image tweeted by a Twitter user:

There were many however who wholeheartedly agreed with the message behind Zhao’s tweet. A blockchain entrepreneur, known as ‘Crypto King’, stated that he has conversations with his 7-year-old cousin about Bitcoin, inflation and the inherent issues in current financial systems. Another user, who works for Indian crypto firm, WazirX, gave examples of other people who entered the cryptocurrency world at an extremely early age. He gave the examples of two users from India who are “young kids”, but “more knowledgeable about crypto than most others”. All these users believe that in the decentralised world of cryptocurrency, everyone has a place, regardless of their age.

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