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Danish provided automobiles & # 039; s are arriving at Antwerp

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New shared cars will undoubtedly be included when you look at the town of Antwerp from April. This time it really is in regards to the Danish business GreenMobility that may use an overall total of 225 electric vehicles in Antwerp. The city believes that desire for it’s still increasing, claims vessels for Mobility Koen Kennis (N-VA): "More and more people are deciding to dispose of their second or even their first own car through those shared cars. That also means that there will be more parking spaces in the city, because many private cars stand still for 95 percent of the time, while shared cars are used much more. One shared car replaces 5 to 10 other cars. "

Deurnese Taxi Company

Greenmobility will collaborate in Antwerp using the Deurnese taxi business. "We have the experience to manage such a large fleet of cars," says Steve Van Avermaet, the CEO of DTM. "For example, we also have places to repair those cars if needed and our own car wash." Are those revealing automobiles perhaps not a competition when it comes to taxi? "That is possible, but if people have too much of a glass they are not allowed to drive a sharing car and they still need us. Mobility is so much in motion that we do see such collaborations."

Charging programs

The GreenMobility cars are electric and therefore require charging things. Work is consequently being carried out with this, vessels Kennis claims: "Together with taxi companies, among other things, we are looking at where more are needed, so we will continue to expand the existing network. In addition, the taxi companies themselves are also making such investments."

Cambio and Poppy

With the various other huge shared car systems, Cambio and Poppy, you will see significantly more than 600 provided automobiles when you look at the town because of the summertime.

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