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Dash CEO talks about future plans


In a recent interview, Dash’s CEO, Ryan Taylor,  made important statements about their future plans.

Dash is one of the largest networks in the cryptocurrency industry. Taylor spoke about the plans for Dash’s future. He said they would concentrate on several different areas to improve Dash, and he believes that the usage of Dash will become more widespread.

Today, one of the most attractive features of Dash is that users can send transactions almost instantaneously. However, people who use Dash over a cryptocurrency exchange often do not benefit from this feature.

Noting this situation, Taylor is calling on the exchanges to respect the “features of Dash”. If people use Dash in more cryptocurrency exchanges and reap its benefits, then the usage of Dash can begin to become more widespread.

A few months ago, Dash began focusing on the Venezuelan market, trying to offer a solution to the citizens who struggled with hyperinflation in the country.

A common experience for citizens in countries like Venezuela is to send money to another country or get money from another country. Taylor believes that Dash can succeed in this area:

“Cryptocurrencies are able to solve the international transfer problem very well. We can offer people a better user experience thanks to our instant trading feature. “

With more examples from a few different fields, Taylor thinks that if they succeed in all these areas, Dash can be used more frequently by a larger base of users.

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