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Dataprev opens public consultation to hire support for Ethereum blockchain


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Dataprev (Social Security Technology and Information Company) announced that it will make a public consultation to address the possible hiring of support and guidance services for the functioning of the Ethereum Blockchain. The announcement was published on Tuesday (16) in the Federal Official Gazette.

According to the publication, the public company linked to the Ministry of Economy seeks to “identify possible alternatives for Contracting Technical Support for Blockchain Ethereum technology for a period of 24 months”.

Dataprev also mentioned that this consultation will discuss the possibility of hiring a company to provide “240 hours of Technical Guidance service to be used on demand”.

O Bitcoin Portal had access to documentation referring to the contracting of services in Blockchain as well as to the paper dealing with the Public Consultation, which should follow the following calendar:

  • Receipt of any questions and / or requests for clarification until 06/30/2020;
  • Disclosure on the website of the questions received and respective responses and of the revised version of the Terms of Reference made available, considering any adjustments resulting from the public consultation process – 07/07/2020;
  • Forwarding of Proposals containing the respective Price Estimates in accordance with the Term of Reference eventually adjusted as a result of questions and / or requests for clarification submitted – Until 07/14/2020.

Dataprev explained that the Public Consultation is only a preparatory procedure for the bidding process with the objective of "removing any inconsistencies, as well as requirements incompatible with the object in question".

The public company clarified that the responses presented "will not constitute an offer or commitment to contract with Dataprev".

Blockchain for 155 machines

According to the terms of reference, Dataprev is looking for a company to provide support services on Blockchaim Ethereum in version 1.9.2 or higher. This technical support must also be provided “to the computational environment composed of up to 155 virtual machines”

The public company further detailed the estimated processing capacity for a node, which will be considered “a canonical model with 24 fields / attributes, and based on data from a system in production”.

Dataprev expects to reach, then, “1 block generated every 15 seconds; 5760 blocks generated per day; 3000 transactions per block;
Approximately 17 million transactions per day ”.

About Blockchain Ethereum, Dataprev stated in the document that it will be considered “any code or part of code that originates on the Ethereum platform (version 1.9.2 and / or higher), even if it has been customized to meet Dataprev's systems”.

Technical guidance should be provided by an analyst who should assist Dataprev employees in best practices in implementing Blockchain.

"The technical guidance activities aim to optimize the use of contracted services and the development or improvement of skills, through the transfer of knowledge in an orderly manner as well as the production of reference documentation on Ethereum Blockchain technologies", says the document.

Dataprev, Blockchain and Hyperledger

The public company, as well as the government in general, has increasingly increased its interest in Blockchain and how this technology can be used to assist the registration, maintenance and sharing of public data.

In March of this year and November of last year, Dataprev hired the services of the Blockchain Academy for training on development, architecture and business models using the Blockchain.

No reply

The report contacted Dataprev's press office by e-mail, but until the publication of this report there was no response.

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