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David Schwartz rebukes XRP doubters as losses keep coming in following the Faysal Bank deal


XRP is ranked at #3 underneath Ethereum as well as Bitcoin in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at $983.914 million, while the supply has grown to occupy 43,024,433,511 XRP coins as part of the circulation. XRP is priced at $0.257163 after a decline rate of 1.70% influenced the asset in the course of the past 24-hours. The total market cap of XRP is $11.064 billion.

David Schwartz is the CTO of Ripple. He alongside Brad Garlinghouse is at the helm of Ripple. Brad is set to be interviewed by CNN today. A few days ago, David cleared his stand on XRP’s utility in the market:

Schwartz has been vocal about his disappointment centred around Bitcoin being an outdated entity. At the same time, he cannot seem to digest criticism. MoneyGram has over millions of customers scattered through the globe. Such a brilliant partnership failed to propel the altcoin beyond $0.3. This shows that those suddenly leaving the XRP ecosystem may not be wrong after all.

This has always been the argument for XRP HODLers. When someone commends Bitcoin, they’d immediately brand him as a “maximalist”. But they will keep harping on how XRP isn’t a security and its brilliant application in the field of cross-border transfers.

The only thing that shall actually improve the position of XRP in the market is its price incrementing gradually. The XRPArmy keeps stating that the asset would soon be valued at $200. As Ben Shapiro rightly said, facts don’t care about your feeling right.

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