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DD Corporation: President admits company went bankrupt and asks 1 year to pay customers


Leonardo Araújo, CEO of the former Dreams Digger (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

“We no longer have any financial possibilities. We have no cash to return the invested money ”, says the CEO of DD Corporation, Leonardo Araújo, in a video published on Youtube explaining the current situation of the company.

Araújo went public to assume that he went bankrupt and blamed Graff Tecnologia, the outsourced company responsible for the DD platform (formerly called Dreams Digger). The CEO said the leak occurred after yields, deposits and withdrawals were being doubled and even tripled due to platform failure.

“Imagine that once this flaw was found, the customer could keep repeating this process so that he could transform a thousand dollars into thousands of dollars. It was a balance generator, ”said the CEO.

Araújo also cites the case of an alleged hacker, who with a balance of US $ 700 managed to make the withdrawal 99 times.

1 year to pay if you can

With the order decreed, the payment that was promised to come out on February 10, 2020, will remain until 2021, in case he manages to recover the lost money.

“We will not continue with Next (alleged arbitration robot), we will not continue to deliver profitability. We will operate the remaining capital to try to recover the money ”, explains Araújo.

The CEO still tries to keep investors' hopes by saying that he will return everything that has been invested but without the promised profit. To be able to deliver, the new promise is to pay at the end of each customer's contract, which is 1 year.

If a client invested in August 2019, he will receive it in September 2020. If he invested in December 2019, he will receive it in January 2021.

DD Corporation investigated

DD Corporation – formerly Dreams Digger – is headquartered in Salvador, Bahia. The company was founded by Leonardo Araújo, who claimed to have about 300,000 associates and claimed to be officially an education platform on the cryptocurrency market. However, it used a supposed bitcoin arbitrage robot as its main decoy.

The classic withdrawal delay script was followed by an investigation by a financial pyramid from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Bahia and a name change from Dreams Digger to DD Corporation.

In December, DD settled the default and announced that it would end its multi-level marketing activities on December 31. The resolution was for February 10, which has now been rolled up again.

In addition to the default on affiliates, DD Corporation also tends to intimidate those who decide to publicly complain about the company.

According to the international website Behind MLM, which specializes in unmasking financial pyramids, DD corporation is a “ponzi scheme with an arbitration robot.”

DD worked in a classic pyramid scheme, where you were paid for referring people below you. In addition to the direct referral bonus, they also had binary bonuses, team bonuses and leadership bonuses. In addition, the company said to operate such a robot called Next, with yields exceeding 10% per month on its investment.

Former leaders already announce new company

A new platform called E-volve may be the continuation of DD Corporation. The new company has been disclosed since December by former leaders of DD Corporation and the business is very similar.

The bitcoin earnings, according to a video on the ‘E-Volve International’ channel on Youtube, will come from trading, arbitrage and ‘hodl’ activity.

On the company's website, the business is presented as “the most revolutionary tool for cryptocurrencies”; earnings, paid weekly.

According to the description of a video published last month, Evolve is the most “new project adopted by the leaders of DD Corporation”. In the images, promoter Rafael Silvestre confirms the deal and makes the invitation to register.

Gabriel Rodrigues, who reportedly made a lot of money on Dreams Digger (first name used by DD) – and squandered his rich life on social media while recruiting people for the alleged scam – is also trying to get more people to Evolve.

Also on video, Gabriel says that he is developing the new business. Even to show confidence, he makes – or simulates – an investment of R $ 100 thousand in the new platform (about ₿ 3.3).

Evolve offers 5% to 7% monthly income to its participants – 5% on the first referral and then the bonuses are transformed into a type of score.

Each euro generates 1 point. The promise for those who manage to collect 1,000,000 points, for example, is a car worth R $ 180,000.

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