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De De Pyar De Review- is Ajay Davgan’s movie a good watch?!

De De Pyaar De Review: Bollywood has not been able to make a film on bold topics like huge age gap relationships! Looking at ‘De De Pyaar De’, this is the first thing that has to be appreciated. A 50 year old man being in a relationship with a girl of 26 years is not a common thing at all and a big taboo.

But unfortunately, the director, forgot that he was filming the relationship of three people, while focusing too much on the issue. 

The story of ‘De De Pyaar De’ is about 50-year-old Ajay Devgn who has separated from his wife. Ajay Devgan then starts a relationship a 26-year-old girl. This unique love story flows over the whole movie. When Ajay Devgan with his young partner reaches his ex-wife and children, the strange story begins. The first half is predictable and has a few laughs but in the second half, it seems that the director loses all control of the movie. The pace and screenplay of the movie starts to lag much to the annoyance of the audience!

Tabu has provided some good acting, but Ajay Devgan seems very frozen in this role, especially considering his acting prowess. Rakul Preet on the other hand seems just to be there to look pretty and does not provide much depth to her role

The direction of De De Pyaar De is very weak and the story is also derailed. Although the music of the film is of course fun, and seeing Rakul Preet Singh in these songs is really a great experience.But unfortunately the movie simply lacks finesse and a good script. In such a way, ‘De De Pyaar De’ disappoints.

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