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DEA and Enjin co-sponsored “2nd NFT Awards” ── DEA CSO Interview


Talk about “NFT Awards”

Mr. Kozo Yamada, CSO of DEA, talks about “NFT Awards” co-sponsored by blockchain-related company Digital Entertainment Asset (hereinafter, DEA) with Enjin, which is known for developing NFT (non-fungible token) specialized platforms. I answered the interview.

What are NFT Awards?

The NFT Awards were launched by DEA and Enjin to promote and promote NFT, the “most innovative use case” of blockchain, by honoring outstanding NFT works and their authors around the world. It’s a contest.

At the NFT Awards, which was held for the first time in 20 years, the “NFT of the Year” honors the best NFT created that year in the world, and the “Best Gaming NFT” honors the NFT that has the greatest influence on the game industry. , And the “People’s Choice Award,” which is selected by open recruitment by the general public, and a total of 10 types of awards are available.

The jury consists of more than 30 experts, including Mr. Etsuji Nakai of Google Inc., Mr. Minami Udagawa (currently President of BANDAI SPIRITS), Managing Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Mr. Alex Atallah, co-founder of NFT Marketplace “OpenSea”. it was done. It is said that they are considering holding the event in 2009, taking into consideration the infection status of the new coronavirus.

DEA was founded in 2018 and is a blockchain-related service development company based in Singapore. We are working on the platform “PlayMining” and the NFT marketplace “NFT Marketplace by DEP” where you can get crypto assets DEP (DEAPcoin) as a reward by playing games.

Click here for details on NFT Awards.

Interview with DEA ​​CSO

CSO Kozo Yamada

Cryptocurrency media CoinPost interviewed DEA CSO Yamada about NFT Awards and the recent NFT boom.

Please tell us briefly about NFT Awards.

When I consulted with Enjin that I should introduce what kind of NFTs are in the world and how they are being used, I asked them to agree and decided to make each award and commend them.

The original goal of the NFT Awards was not to praise the business owners for their goodness, but to make people around the world aware of the word NFT, its existence and value. The judges are not necessarily involved in the NFT business, but aimed at those who might play a role in spreading the awareness of NFT to people all over the world, and spoke to them in cooperation with Enjin. ..

Since NFT is wide, it seems that we can create other nominated departments.

I agree. In fact, there are still potential use cases that haven’t been found yet, and I hope it will be a place for proposals that interesting things may happen if they are connected to your current business.

Now, art is ahead, and there is not much care for the masses. The product has been released, but with the instruction manual not yet attached, everyone does not know how to enjoy it, and it feels a little confusing.

I think NFTs really show their true value in terms of application and usefulness. Of course, I think that there are endless possibilities as art that expands the range of digital expression, but it seems that it will bring value as a token that is actually used, so NFT Awards will promote that area. I want to.

Is it scheduled to be held in December this year as well?

In December, considering the situation in Corona, we are thinking of holding a web event or physical event in some country.

The good thing about NFTs is that you can combine any ideas. I would like all creative professions, not just artists, to know about NFT at least once. By doing so, you say that the sword will come off, because it will be an opportunity for you to create creations that are not yet in the world.

Are there any NFT-related fields that you have been paying particular attention to recently?

After art gets excited first, I think it’s about use cases. From here on, it’s a place to see the evolution of NFTs that connect with everything, but I think it’s probably the game that is most catchy to understand.

For me, it may be called a blockchain game around August and September, and an NFT game at that time, but I think there will be a wave like visiting art now.

Finally, please tell us what you expect from the NFT world.

Even if it is called a bubble, this is a flow that does not return, and I believe that it will spread to every corner of the world regardless of my personal opinion.

However, I think it is necessary to carry out “traffic control” in order. Nowadays, even if nice products are lined up, there are many cases where the instruction manual is not attached, so even if it is said that it is extra care, I think it would be nice if I could draw an auxiliary line such as how to enjoy NFT. I will.

I get the impression that many artists are not good at this kind of thing. For example, the other day, when Takashi Murakami sold his work as NFT art, it became a hot topic with detailed rules regarding prohibited items. If only “what you can’t do” is written, it will be a debate about what it can be used for, and I think that a false debate will occur, “Is it for resale that there is no use for it?” I will.

For the time being, I think it will be necessary to draw an auxiliary line that shows how you can enjoy yourself and have this kind of joy that you cannot get with ordinary physical.

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Author: CoinPost Editorial Department

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