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Developer launches free, ad-free bitcoin collection game for Android


Playback / Twitter

Last weekend a Reddit user launched a free bitcoin themed android game. The challenge of ‘BitcoinMiner’ is to collect coins going through several challenges.

With the global crisis due to the coronavirus and the recommendation of isolation, the game can serve as a distraction for bitcoin enthusiasts.

"After months of learning, I finally launched a game with the theme I like, Bitcoin!" Said developer ‘Oxygenjacket’ on Reddit.

Asked by users if the mining was real, the developer said no, but it is possible. However, according to him, it is not worth it because it is a very small gain.

Another point, he said, is that he took care that Google did not delete the game from its application platform. That's because the company prohibits cryptocurrency mining programs.

"Google has banned these practices, so I called it‘ Bitcoin miner – platformer game 'and in the Play Store just ‘Bitcoin Miner’, "he explained.

The game can be downloaded on Google Play by clicking here.

For bitcoin, player fights with bear and bank

The developer also shared the feat on Twitter. As this is an independent production, he believes that social media will help you improve the game. On the platform, he published excerpts from his adventures.

As in the well-known Mario and Sonic games, in Bitcoin Miner, the player has to collect coins through a path full of villains, among them, a bear and a banker.

As the game shows, the bear spits out the word 'FUD', his weapon – the acronym in English means 'fear of losing'; the banker throws money.

Therefore, the player defends himself with dodges and attacks with a weapon, which depends on the chosen player – he has a pick, hammer, bow and arrow.

Playback / Twitter

The game looks fun – the interaction of the characters is also cool. "Do you believe your bitcoins will appreciate?" Says the banker halfway.

Another character, possibly a thief, gets in the way and says, "According to the blockchain you seem to have a lot of bitcoin."

Playback / Twitter

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