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Did ‘Dumb and Dumber’ ruin Game of Thrones?! (spoiler free….but does that even matter at this point?!)

Yes they did!




….oh you people want more?

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a whole gig ahead of them which is Star Wars and it is safe to assume that they are getting paid a lot by Disney to do just that, almost definitely better than what HBO could pay for Game of thrones. Lets just hope Star Wars has a better outing!

It is very rare that a single entity in a huge production like Game of thrones can be blamed for its lacklustre dumping down. But in this case, the entire blame falls on the shoulders of David and D.B Weiss, and rightly so!

It is solely the lazy and rushed writing which has let down the favourite series. Not the production, not the direction, not the visuals, not the acting, not anything else- just the writing!

It was the script of the show which catapulted Game of Thrones into the position of success, and unfortunately, it has been brought down to its knees by the same as well.

Literally none of the shows numerous fans had any problems with how the events transpired, but rather how they came to be so. It was quite vivid that the climax was rushed and all the subtle character development which the show was well known for was thrown out of the window!

Even when HBO and the actors and the production crew were very willing to do a more drawn out, ten episode season, the writers were the ones who decided that just 6 episodes was enough to wind up 7 seasons worth of character development and attention to detail.

If only more time and scripting was dedicated to how these well developed characters change to the reach the point they were in the penultimate episode ‘Bells’ ; audiences and admirers of the show would have been satisfied. But no, D & D decided that they would throw everything which made Game of Thrones a masterpiece and resort to cheap cinematic splendour and instant , incomprehensible character deviations weighing in on shock value to impress- or rather get the job done. The result- a muddy mess of an episode with very few redeeming scenes.

Well, one can’t expect much from the writer of ‘X-Men origins: Wolverine’- a sub-par movie at best.

But oh no, they’d rather not giving a flipping shit to any of the amazing cold-calculating and subtle characters of GRR Martin and then proceed to turn them into mainstream average fantasy movie knock-off’s because they wanted to wrap up work and go write (read start thinking of ways to ruin)  Star wars.



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