Die Hard Dhoni Fan!!!

If you are a fan of cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and if you reach Shambhu Bose’s restaurant then your stomach can be filled without payment. Dhoni’s big fan Shambhu runs a restaurant in Alipurduar district of West Bengal, whose name is ‘MS Dhoni Restaurant’. The special feature of this restaurant is that the 32-year-old Shambhun offers free food to Dhoni fans.
Shambhu told IANS, “We will complete this Durga Puja for two years. Everyone here knows this place, people come here to eat. Ask anybody about Dhoni’s hotel, you will be here. ‘ When asked about the attachment to Dhoni, Shambhu said, “There is no one like him. When I was a kid, I liked him. The way he is, the way he plays cricket shows how he became a legend. That is inspiration for me. ‘
In this small restaurant of Shambhu, mainly Bengali food is available. In every corner there are posters of Dhoni in the restaurant.

He said, “This is also at my house. I have learned a lot from seeing them. I want to meet him one day but I do not have the money to go to the stadium and watch the match.”
Shambhu said, “I know that my dream will never be fulfilled, but if I can meet him someday then I will ask him to come to my restaurant.”
Shambhu recalled on April 2, 2011, “I used to run a tea shop at that time. It had no name but in it was Dhoni’s small poster. I loved his long hair. I remember when I saw the 2011 World Cup final at my tea shop with my friends. I could never forget that night, I was crying very much (in happiness).” India won the World Cup on 28th April 2011 after 28 years.

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