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Digvijay said – declare me a terrorist, Shah's answer – if you do nothing, nothing will happen


  • The Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment (UAPA) Bill, 2019 bill also passed in Rajya Sabha.
  • There is a provision to declare a person involved in illegal activities as a terrorist, opposition parties oppose it
  • Home Minister Amit Shah said- how long will the organizations be banned, one after the other comes out

new Delhi. The Modi government has brought a revised UAPA bill to take stern action against those involved in terrorist activities. The bill was also passed in the Rajya Sabha on Friday. During the discussion, opposition parties including Congress opposed the amendment in the bill. Digvijay Singh accused the BJP of compromising terrorism. Home Minister Amit Shah responded to them and said, “Digvijay Singh is saying that declare me a terrorist.” Your anger is justified, because they have just lost elections. But I assure you that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. ”

In the amended bill, the government has included a provision to declare a particular person involved in illegal activities a terrorist. Digvijay said that we doubt the BJP’s intention. The Congress never compromised on terrorism, that’s why it brought laws. You are the people who compromise terrorism. The BJP government had left Rubaiyya Saeed and then Masood Azhar first.

Check your history before making allegations of misuse of law

The Home Minister said, “What happened during the Emergency? The media was banned completely and all the opposition leaders were jailed. Democracy in the country was abolished for 19 months and now you (Congress) are accusing us of misuse of law. Please check your history as well. We supported the UPA government’s UAPA bill in 2004, 2008 and 2013 when we were in opposition. Because we thought it was necessary to fight terrorism. ”

We only oppose the person being declared a terrorist: Congress

Congress leader P Chidambaram said, “If we look at the amendment of the bill, it seems that it will strengthen the NIA.” But there is a provision to remove and add a person’s name to the terrorist list. We are opposing this and not the law made to take action against illegal activities. In 2008, when I took charge of the Home Minister, I had created three pillars – NIA, NetGrid and NCTC – to counter terrorism. Today we have only one pillar. What did you do for the other two except NIA? ”

How long will the organizations continue to ban: Home Minister

Amit Shah replied to Chidambaram, “You asked if there is a ban on organizations indulging in terrorist activities, then what is the need to declare a particular person as a terrorist.” We have kept such a provision in the amendment because if one organization is banned then another is put up by some individuals. How long will we continue to ban organizations?

NIA has more rights than ever, hence opposition

New provisions have been added to the bill. The biggest provision in this is that the NIA will now be able to seize the assets of the terrorists by declaring them as terrorists. Not only this, now along with the terrorist organization, that person can also be declared a terrorist, who must have been promoting terror in one way or the other. The NIA will not require the approval of the state concerned to seize his property. There will be 4 grounds for declaring a person as a terrorist

1. The person who will carry out or assist in the terrorist incident. 2. The person who is preparing for a terrorist incident. 3. who will commit acts promoting terrorism in the country. 4. A person who is found to be connected to terrorism in any way.

The Opposition had a walkout during the discussion in the Lok Sabha, during the debate on the bill in the Lok Sabha on July 24, the Opposition had a walkout demanding to send it to the Standing Committee. During the discussion, the Home Minister had said that the government fights against terrorism. Which party is in power and who brought the bill should not matter. Tough legislation is needed to end terrorism. The Congress government brings the bill, but we are amending it, so what is wrong with it? We want to end terrorism, the amended law will not reduce the power of the states. This law brought the Congress government in 1967. After that you made three amendments in it.


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